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Youth Committee column - Youth Committee visited Dongguan turnmax Electronics Co., Ltd

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Youth Committee column - Youth Committee visited Dongguan turnmax Electronics Co., Ltd

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2021/11/01 19:56
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The youth working committee of Gaopo town Federation of industry and Commerce (chamber of Commerce) (hereinafter referred to as the "Youth Committee") was established on November 26, 2020. In nearly one year since its establishment, it has actively organized visits to member enterprises, made friends with other town and street committees, and actively organized various sports to strengthen physical and mental exercise. In order to further enhance the cohesion of the Youth Commission, build a learning, exchange, cooperation and development platform for young entrepreneurs in our town, actively guide the healthy growth of young entrepreneurs, and serve the economic development of the whole town and even the whole city with the vitality of young people and the wisdom of entrepreneurs. On the afternoon of October 26, the Youth Commission of CCPIT was organized to visit Dongguan turnmax Electronics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "turnmax Electronics").



The party first came to the conference room of Turnmax electronics and watched the company profile. Hong Wenbin, general manager of Turnmax electronics and deputy director of the Youth Commission, introduced tengmao electronics in detail. Dongguan tengmao Electronics Co., Ltd. is a modern comprehensive high-tech enterprise integrating independent R & D, production, sales and service of power products. We are committed to building an environmental protection and energy-saving brand and providing customers with high-quality power solutions. The main products are switchable power adapter, high-power equipment power supply, LED drive power supply, various household appliance control boards, automobile chargers, etc


Turnmax electronics developed the smart home department: iotpowers in 2018 and registered its brand name as the international emerging trend smart home brand Yunji smart winkee.





Then everyone was full of praise for the introduction and product display just now. Of course, they also raised questions about what they didn't know. General Manager Hong Wenbin and deputy general manager he Junting also answered them in detail and patiently. Subsequently, director Zhang Cuiying thanked president Hong for his introduction, which gave us a further understanding of smart home. We believe that smart home is a major trend in the future. Early investment and understanding will also be of great help to our future life. Secondly, we should also thank all members for actively participating in various activities of the Youth Commission, which will make the Youth Commission more cohesive and more dynamic.





The last group, led by President Hong, visited the office building, workshop and R & D center of tengmao electronics. At the R & D center, President Hong introduced to you that Turnmax electronics took sustainability, ease of use and safety as the product development concept, and created "simple" products and "extreme experience" through the combination of innovative technology and sophisticated design Smart home system.


 It is hoped that through the enterprise visit and learning activities, members can recognize more on the platform of the Youth Commission and seek opportunities for cooperation. Learn from each other, promote each other and work together to broaden the path of entrepreneurship.