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  • Product name: TM-P120V high power supply
  • Product number: TM-P120V high power supply
  • Model: TM-P120V SERIES 120W
  • Power: 120W MAX
  • The output voltage: Output1:24V, Output2:9V Output3:24V, Output4:+16V Output5:-16V
  • Output current: Output1:2.0A Output2:1.0A Output3:0.2A Output4:0.2A Output5:0.2A





       Full range ofinternational universal input 
       Constant voltage mode
       Multipexed output design
       accord with 4KV lightning resistance test (IEC61000-4-5)
       100%full load aging test
       Protection function:SCP,OVP OCP
       2 years warranty






Watts Max:120W
Rated Input Voltage:100-240VAC,1A 50/60Hz
      Output Voltage:Output1:24V   Output2:9V Output3:24V Output4:+16V Output5:-16V
      Output Current:Output1:2.0A  Output2:1.0A Output3:0.2A Output4:0.2A Output5:0.2A
      Efficiency: >80%
      Operation Temperature:-20℃ to 40℃ 
      Storage Temperature:-30℃ to 85℃  


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Download attachments : P14 设备大功率电源2 【查看】

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