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  • Product name: TM-K012CA 12.6W
  • Product number: TM-K012CA
  • Model: TM-K012CA 12.6W
  • Power: 12.6W MAX
  • The output voltage: DC12.6V
  • Output current: 1A




       Full range ofinternational universal input
       Constant pressure mode   
       For lithium battery charging  

       Two batteries are charged 

       Turn the lights function,the red light turns green
       Comply with CoC V5 or DoE VI Energy Efficiency 
       Small size
       Protection function:SCP,OVP OCP
       2 years warranty 




       For lithium battery charging




Watts Max:12.6W
Rated Input Voltage:100-240VAC,0.37A 50/60Hz
Inrush Current(Max):Cold start,60A/230Vac
      Output Voltage:DC12.6V 
      Output Current:1A  
      Ripple P-P:200mV max
      Operation Temperature:0℃ to 40℃ 
      Storage Temperature:-25℃ to 85℃  
Efficiency Level:BC


Key words : For lithium battery charging

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