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Charger cable and wireless charger what difference

Writer:www.turnmax-tech.comSource:东莞市腾茂电子有限公司 Date:2016-12-14
On the market, competition intensified wireless charger. Compared with the traditional wired charger, don't they just the difference between the cable?
Differences, charging ways: a wireless charger first to load the iPhone into a protective shell, and then place the case on the induction base, then the induction base connection power plug, power plug to plug in.
Differences between two connecting peripherals: the iPhone in the wireless charging mode connecting peripherals, one is out of loaded into charge iPhone protection shell, 2 it is to connect the Mini USB, finally the Mini USB connection peripherals. The iPhone on the power converter charging just remove the USB from the converter connecting peripherals to complete again.
Differences between the three, convenience: when charging the mobile phone from time to tome telephone come in but is not convenient to answer in certain situations. Convenient wireless charger will show up at this moment. Just put the charging case picked up can be moved to any user places convenient to answer the phone. If the charger cable, it is need to pull the cable, connect the charging need to plug in cable again, this time the wireless charger only need to place the phone on the sensors can be recharged.
Differences between the four, charging efficiency: under the same charging time, common cable charging battery charger after the power is 93%, after the wireless charger (power of 88%. Obviously, wireless charger on the charging efficiency, there are gaps, there is still room for further improvement in technology.
With continuous innovation and improvement of technology, mobile phone battery charger factory will be built induction card, don't have to load cases can direct charging, and charging efficiency, to make the wireless charger is just around the corner

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