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Since 2016 the United States has forced a DOE six levels of energy efficiency

Writer:www.turnmax-tech.comSource:东莞市腾茂电子有限公司 Date:2016-12-14
Starting this year, the United States will be forced to the beginning of the 6 levels of energy efficiency, especially in North America, power adapter, charger into a new era.
A, what is DOE6?
People is higher and higher requirement for energy conservation and environmental protection, power adapter, switching power supply, charger thereof power as high efficiency, energy saving products is also in this plan. As early as in 2014, the U.S. department of energy (DOE) released the energy efficiency level 6 DOE VI implementation timetable, external power supply put forward new requirements of energy efficiency, and provide the manufacturer buffer for two years.
The new regulations are applicable to all direct work of external power supply, including our more than the most frequently used mobile phone charger, USB charger, USB lug plate, will in February 2016 to 10, enforcing the law. For the power supply and accessory manufacturer is both challenge and opportunity, so power companies need to understand these new requirements, and to follow these requirements in product upgrades, to ensure compliance with standards, and to avoid fines and shipment delay.
Second, the DOE6 promulgated background?
The U.S. department of energy (DOE) promulgated by the energy efficiency level 6 DOE VI, is different from the 80 plus incentives, but by law enforcement. So once a news, business circle in south China's cross-border electricity caused quite a stir. First of all, to understand some DOE VI issued for background information. In 1998, Lawrence Berkeley national laboratory (LBNL) staff scientist Alan mayer is an estimate: the United States alone, a year of standby power consumption accounted for 5% of the total residential electricity, this is equivalent to the energy cost of $3 billion a year.
According to the U.S. department of energy (doe) predicted that in 2014 the us housing total electricity for 1.29 billion mw, so wasting 5% is 64 million mw, the equivalent of wasted 18 typical power plant the production of electricity.
Today, energy conservation and emissions reduction is accepted by the public, the energy in reducing, energy consumption of active mode efficiency has become the main focus, every innovation and structure improvement can make the efficiency zero a few percentage points. Solve the no-load power consumption that is easy for the industry, so the U.S. government released a new standard in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions annually. In the end, the decision by the U.S. department of energy will have a profound impact, and as a leading consumer electronics market in China and the European Union, will follow up, and come up with the same determination to energy saving and emission reduction, we will continue to focus on.
Three, how to use DOE6 certification?
1, certification requirements
(1) 115 v and 230 v four load: 25%, 50%, 75%, 50%, load efficiency of 88% or more;
Standby power consumption (2) : 1-49 W, AC - DC acuities were 0.1 W, 0.21 W AC - AC or less; 49-250 W, 0.21 W or less; > 250 W, 0.5 W or less.
2, authentication techniques
(1) the lead length: 10 cm;
(2) be careful to use under 6 v low voltage directive formula;
(3) and pay attention to the no-load power consumption;
(4) the safety test standard engine for 30 minutes.

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