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Why the power adapter price gap so big

Writer:www.turnmax-tech.comSource:东莞市腾茂电子有限公司 Date:2016-12-02
Often have said customer response, the same power adapter rated power, why the prices on the market gap so big? Some even double? Once upon a time, the slogan of 1 watt 1 dollar ring from the power industry, and look to today, a lot of 36 w power adapter are under 20 yuan price, then really should change to 1 tile five hair moneys? From another Angle to see the same high-end power adapter products, although have been falling in price, but also close to the level of 1 watt 1 yuan, power adapter industry really was engulfed in a price war? Products have so high price difference is how to return a responsibility? Let's look at the power adapter is the price difference.
Generally speaking, a power adapter is composed of a large number of electronic components, and due to the potential risk of electrical, power adapter and a are not allowed to open the shell of the sealing ability of the product. This leads to many users simply by the power adapter nameplate marking the wattage and the most intuitive to measure price. The power adapter, this seemingly simple "plastic box" internal is far from our imagination so simple. Material aspect alone can affect a power adapter the quality of 70%, and the circuit design, production process takes a lot of factors such as the same proportion. In addition to the rated power, its stability is the most direct factors affect the user experience.
A penny a points goods, this is a lot of people buy the products. Popular point, power adapter of the internal electronic components materials roughly divided into three kinds, the lowest level for old or false material; The middle level is a material; The highest level is good. General shanzhai factory will use the old materials, fake materials who sucks, less known and inferior brand vendors will use better material, and only a glimmer of brand will use the best really, good material quality. So the other two at the same level 36 w power adapter, the average price of 30 yuan products are better than those who only 15 yuan a bargain.
So, with the concept of "a penny a points goods" to describe the power adapter, is the image. Though a single electronic component price difference is very obvious, but for the use of dozens of components of the power adapter, in materials depends on the price difference is more obvious. This also helps to explain why some other giant power adapter at the same level price than shanzhai products.
For the power adapter, from initial design to the sales, using the is must have a set of perfect research and development, production and testing process. In order to ensure that consumers get the power adapter product has stable performance and excellent quality, any a link in the entire process is crucial, and these are our consumers in selecting the power adapter is easy to overlook the details.
Normally, a power adapter in production is completed, to test whether accord with standard of original design, also after aging test, electric performance test and high pressure test and so on many links. The test equipment and the environment is also require manufacturers to invest heavily in a part of. Only some currently used to meet these conditions normal power plant.
For consumers, perhaps the most concerned about is the final price. But for the homogeneity serious domestic power market, with the wattage of the two power adapter price difference could be as high as 50% or more. When we picked the power adapter, not only "money" less per equivalent standard to measure. To comprehensively consider the brand of the power adapter, materials, workmanship and after-sales aspects. Such ability can let us in all kinds of qi, shoddy phenomenon such as common sort out on the market for our own power adapter.

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