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Mainland China intelligent LED lighting penetration is not high

Writer:www.turnmax-tech.comSource:东莞市腾茂电子有限公司 Date:2016-12-02
On markets around the world at present is the intelligence and wisdom of LED lighting products is mainly through the use of the LED drive power to implement the control function of the intelligence and wisdom lights show effect, LED intelligent technology itself is not much difficulty. At the same time, the Chinese market demand for the LED lighting of wisdom is not very high. The relevant industry consultancy, on the market and the relevant authorities, according to the investigation data, have made it clear that up until June 08, 2012 present in mainland China market intelligence and wisdom for less than 2%, the permeability of LED lighting and LED energy-saving products mainly for use in the adjustable light LED landscape light, can be color temperature LED street lamp lighting and other LED lighting products and its monitoring.
"The mainland enterprises to research the wisdom of lighting adjustable stay mainly in LED light toning lighting products, LED intelligent lighting manufacturers also systematically the real little. Zhang Longxin admitted that the current mainland LED lighting companies to change the understanding of the concept of wisdom is not thorough, mainland enterprises in pursuit of wisdom is blind, focusing on the immediate interests; and the wisdom of international understanding, mainly from the people and the environment coordination as the starting point.
There is no lack of energy conservation and environmental protection but the market is always "follower. In response, some in the industry has its own view: on the one hand is because the wisdom is the inevitable trend of market development, on the other hand, on the market at present the so-called" intelligent lighting products technology cost is not high, and the profit is not low.
Research data shows, an intelligent control function of the LED drive power supply cost no more than 5 yuan, paired with such power supply factory price is higher than common lamps and lanterns lighting lamps and lanterns of 20% to 20%. Insiders calculate a bill, the only one intelligent configuration can give at least a 20% increase in gross margin, lamps and lanterns and even some high-end adjustable light products can reach above 30%.
At present, the mainland layout of wisdom lighting enterprises mainly some new LED lighting. Main Japan industrial co., LTD. Shenzhen poly, its 2011 intelligent lighting product sales have accounted for nearly thirty percent of the total sales. XiaoLing company general manager said that the current intelligent lighting (automatic induction, dimming color) as a high-end product market has been popular in Japan.
In terms of r&d, these enterprises are also spare no efforts. Among them, often on the photoelectric LED street light and wisdom in 2011 LED power key technologies r&d project totaling 7.65 million, accounted for 51.69% of the total r&d spending. According to the plan, in 2012, the company will also be new r&d spending 11.3 million yuan. In 15 revenue scale of hundreds of millions of LED lighting enterprise, there are 12 companies related to the wisdom of the research and development expense accounts for over thirty percent of the total development cost.
Considering the factors such as cost, sales, traditional lighting enterprise of intelligent lighting or not. Leishi lighting, foshan lighting listed company public data did not find that wisdom of lighting on the word. A traditional lighting manufacturers, said is mainly due to the intelligent LED lighting is still in the stage of individuation.
An industry experts said: "although China has a number of enterprises in the wisdom of lighting research, but more environmental protection is to stay in a simple move light toning, the control system and the true wisdom should begin.
Zhang Longxin generalize the development of the LED lighting market for three phases, to replace the traditional lighting stage, more wisdom, more energy saving, cross-industry integration system integration (including the Internet of things, the remote control, intelligent household, etc.). But the current LED lighting market mainly replacement lamp market.
, he says, simply is the wisdom of the product from a technical point of view, it is not difficult to realize. But in the first stage, yet LED lighting development LED products for consumers in quality, reliability, there are also doubts. Therefore, in his view, although the wisdom is the inevitable trend of future development, but to really open the market need after a long time.
Xu Chen also expressed his doubts, at present the Internet of things, sensor technology, cloud computing technology is still in the early stage of development, such as the standard is not perfect. Due to the wisdom of systematically lighting products, need a variety of synchronous development of the technology. Therefore, in the short term is difficult to fully implement.
Current many enterprises in China is more of a wish with the aid of "intelligent promotion product added value. These concepts seem to be wonderful, but about China's big local small and medium enterprises, lack of operability. Jie and photoelectric sales director hu mulberry revealed that performance, the intelligent lighting concept is limited to a few large enterprises, and have the skills such as communication, sensing the set enterprises. Large enterprise with its financial strength can do research and development of skills, and great limitations to its brand influence and change consumer use habits, these are big local mainland companies cannot do.
There are many industry insiders revealed that performance, LED intelligent to push, the top authorities guidance, set up demonstration project, step by step. Currently on the market of LED intelligent lighting needs more primary institutions are some authorities and trade occasions, such as office buildings, workshops, and star hotel, etc.

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