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LED power supply shall meet the fine manufacturing system

Writer:www.turnmax-tech.comSource:东莞市腾茂电子有限公司 Date:2016-11-14
LED power supply shall meet the fine manufacturing system. Power recalls that appeared on the market, or batch quality problem, because the causes of design flaws is minority after all, most of the cause caused or enterprise manufacturing system is not sound, lack of production control experience. Fine manufacturing system generally includes technology research and development, process engineering, purchasing control system, storage system, automatic water production, quality control and so on six big control platform, be short of one cannot. Often the most prone to problem link is purchase, process engineering and quality control.
LED waterproof power supply products BOM nearly 200 raw materials, the false material, defective material, expired on the market is full of beautiful things in eyes, often unable to distinguish when mass production, as long as there is a device working instability will cause the risk of the power failure, how to ensure the quality of the raw material purchasing intact, purchasing platform needs not only scientific control, need a long-term cooperation with suppliers more experience accumulation. Will ensure the supply of high quality resources in the early years of production and import directly to eliminate false material, defective materials, outdated materials mixed with, early prevention. In addition, the storage of certain components are also cannot be ignored, oxidation, stored easily lead to improper environment components should be equipped with constant temperature and humidity warehouse, in order to prevent the device.
Products before mass production is necessary link of process engineering, its effect on the one hand, through the trial production make prenatal technology demonstration for the product, on the other hand through the trial production to define the product manufacturing process, to ensure the effectiveness and accuracy of subsequent mass production. Process engineering need to configure the corresponding testing equipment, a lot of power supply enterprises to save costs often save this link, it will be about the quality of the subsequent batch production. Each power supply before batch manufacturing engineering department must be strictly in accordance with the procedures to technology research and design of the indicators and performance verification, at the same time, is to define the production operation process.
Quality control is the core of the product quality assurance control link, the general power supply enterprises will have qc, but does the quality control system and improve the vary, from the incoming inspection (IQC), the online inspection, IPQC, LQC), to the factory inspection (OQC), a total of more than ten working procedure, refer to the latest international inspection standards, establish a complete set of high standard quality control system, product quality has data trace ability.

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