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The power adapter in the use of LED lamps and lanterns

Writer:www.turnmax-tech.comSource:东莞市腾茂电子有限公司 Date:2016-11-14
Lighting energy consumption occupies a considerable proportion of lighting in public places, in many countries to ban the use of low luminous efficiency of incandescent lamp, but the extensive use of energy-saving lamps, and vigorously develop higher luminous efficiency light-emitting diodes, LED lamps and lanterns.
Light emitting diode is a semiconductor device, a unidirectional conductivity. When the forward current through the diode, emit visible light, and with the increase of forward current, the luminous intensity increased. LED forward voltage is commonly 2 ~ 3 v, large current will cause the LED heat damage. Because of LED light-emitting diodes, similar properties, at the same time is discrete, so the power supply of switch power supply shall choose constant current type. The monomer LED can only do a few watts at the same time, to make more luminous flux need more monomer LED array.
Fluorescent lamp is a special load, it USES switch power supply is also known as ballast. There are all kinds of tubes, such as different length of straight tubes, circular tubes, cold cathode lamps and lighting of the sodium lamp, etc. Fluorescent lamps with different light and electric property, but the main difference between them is whether has the heating filament. Don't need a filament, only need two wire is called direct launch tubes; If there is a heated filament, two heating filament wire should be added is called a quick launch tubes. Because of the other features, same here, discuss only a filament fluorescent lamp.
Fluorescent lamp is inflatable, filled with argon gas, for example, and a drop of liquid mercury, mercury evaporate into gas at work. Glass tube inner wall coating fluorescent substances. Working voltage by gas on both ends of tube, tube, in fact, there is a cathode and an anode, but adds on the tube is an alternating current, is necessary to distinguish between the cathode and using communication can reduce electrode electric corrosion.
Must have enough start voltage to make the gas ionization within the tubes, that is form plasma ionization. Plasma uv light, ultraviolet light conversation about the fluorescent material coated on the inner wall of the tube is then converted to visible light. If the tubes work in more than 20 KHZ frequency, it's Billy with high temperature heating light-emitting incandescent lamp luminous efficiency is much higher.
Tubes inside the mercury toxic substances, please don't break the tubes, so as not to pollute the environment. When the lamp off, because mercury is a liquid, it presents high impedance, need high voltage start, cold cathode type (i.e., no filament) requires a certain time and pressure and conducting it. With the needs of the filament heating filament, hundreds of milliseconds to high pressure, increase preheating fault is greatly reduce the service life of tubes.
After the filament preheating and high pressure, tube conduction. Once the conduction the tubes, tube approximate a regulator tube, such as double the current through the bulb, but voltage of the tube may change by 10%. The pipe by double current, brightness, of course, also doubles, so shorten service life. Therefore need a switch power supply, ballast, lamp brightness, at the same time keep the voltage and current in tube factory rules allow within the scope of work.
In conduction state, filament is still hot, but it is far less than the power of heat. Filament is resistance wire, can reduce the filament voltage reduce fever, and prolong lamp life.

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