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Switching power supply technology and the development trend of the parsing

Writer:www.turnmax-tech.comSource:东莞市腾茂电子有限公司 Date:2016-11-14
With the rapid development of electronic technology, the application field of electronic system is more and more widely, the kinds of electronic equipment more and more, the relationship between electronic equipment and people's work and life is becoming more and more closely. Any electronic equipment is inseparable from the reliable power supply, they also more and more high to the requirement of power supply. The miniaturization of electronic devices and low cost make power in the light, thin, small and high efficiency for development direction.
The traditional transistor series adjustment regulated power supply is continuous control of linear regulated power supply. The traditional regulated power supply technology is mature, and have a large number of integrated linear regulated power supply module, has a stable performance is good, small output ripple voltage, use and reliable. But it usually need large size and heavy power frequency transformer with large volume and weight of the filter. Due to adjustment of pipe work in linear amplification state, in order to guarantee the stability of output voltage, it must be under high voltage difference between collector and emitter, lead to adjust the tube power consumption is larger, the power efficiency is low, usually only about 45%.
In addition, due to adjust the tube on the consumption of power, so need to adopt high power adjusting and equipped with a large radiator pipe, it is difficult to meet the requirements of the development of modern electronic equipment. In the 1950 s, America's space agency, NASA, with miniaturization, light weight as the goal, to carry the rocket switch power supply is developed. In the process of nearly half a century of development, because of switch power supply has small volume, light weight, high efficiency, low calorific value, and the advantages of stable performance and gradually replace the traditional technology of continuous working power supply, and widely used in electronic machine and equipment. In the 1980 s, the computer is made up of comprehensive switching power supply, the first complete computer power generation. In the 1990 s, switching power supply in the field of electronics, electrical appliances, household appliances has been widely used, switching power supply technology of rapid development.
Switch mode regulated power supply using power semiconductor devices as switch, by controlling the duty cycle of the switch to adjust output voltage. Power transistor (GTR), for example, when the switch tube in saturated conductivity, the pressure drop at the ends of the collector and emitter close to zero. When the switch pipe cut-off, the collector current is zero. So its power consumption is small, the efficiency can be as high as 70% to 95%. And low consumption, radiator has been reduced. Switch mode regulated power supply directly to the grid voltage rectifier, filter, adjustments, then changed from switch tube voltage, don't need a power transformer. In addition, the switch operating frequency for a few KHZ, filter capacitor and inductor value is smaller. So the switch power supply has the advantages of light weight, small volume.
In addition, due to the low consumption, low internal temperature rise, improve the stability and reliability of the machine. And its ability to adapt to the grid has a larger increase, general series regulated power supply allows grid is 220 + / - 10% range, type and switch regulated power supply in power grid voltage changes within the range 110-260 volts, stable output voltage can be obtained.
Switch power supply high frequency power supply is a technology innovation in the development of technology, the benefits of high frequency is the device an unprecedented miniaturization of switch power supply, switching power supply and to enter into a wider range of areas, especially in the field of high and new technology application, promoted the high-tech products of miniaturization, light change. In addition the development and application of switch power supply to save resources and protect the environment has profound significance.
Switching power supply on the market at present the power tube with bipolar transistor, the switching frequency can reach tens of KHZ; Adopting MOSFET switch power switching frequency can reach hundreds of KHZ. To improve the switching frequency, must adopt high-speed switching devices. For more than MHZ available resonant circuit switching frequency of power supply, this way of working is called resonant switching mode.
It can greatly improve the switching speed, zero switching loss in theory, the noise is small, it is a way to improve the working frequency of switch power supply. Adopts the resonant switching method MHZ level converter has practical application. Technical pursuit and development trend of switch power supply can be summarized as the following four aspects.
A, miniaturization, thin, lightweight, high frequency, volume and weight of the switch power supply is mainly determined by the energy storage element (magnetic components and capacitor), so the miniaturization of switch power supply in essence is to minimize the energy storage element volume; Within a certain range, the improvement of switching frequency, not only can effectively reduce the size of the capacitor, inductor and transformer, but also can restrain disturbance, improve the dynamic performance of system. Therefore, the high frequency switch power supply is a main development direction.
Second, high reliability, switching power supply using components than the working power supply a few ten times in a row, so can improve the reliability. From the perspective of life, the electrolytic capacitor, optical coupler and fan such as life determines the power of life. So, from the aspects of design, use less as far as possible the device, improve the level of integration. Such not only solved the problem of circuit complexity, poor reliability, also increased the protection function, simplify the circuit, increases the MTBF.
Third, low noise --, switching power supply is one of the disadvantages of big noise. Simply the pursuit of high frequency, noise will also increase. Adopting partial resonant switching circuit technology, on the principle of both can improve the frequency and can reduce the noise. So, as much as possible to reduce the noise influence is another development direction of switch power supply.
Four, by using the computer aided design and control --, using the latest CAA and CDD technology design transformation topology and the best parameters, the has the simplest structure of switch power supply and the best condition. Introduced the microcomputer detection and control in the circuit, can constitute a multifunctional monitoring system that can real-time detect, record and automatic alarm, etc.
The development of switch power supply has always been with the development of semiconductor devices and magnetic components closely related. The realization of the high frequency change, need corresponding semiconductor devices with high speed and good performance of high frequency electromagnetic components. Development of new high-speed devices such as power MOSFET and IGBT, development of high frequency with low loss of magnetic materials, improve the structure and design method of magnetic components, improve the filtering capacitor dielectric constant and reduce its equivalent series resistance, etc., has a huge boost to the miniaturization of switch power supply.
In short, people in the field of switch power supply technology, studies low loss loop technology, developing new components, the two promote each other and push the switch power supply more than the double-digit market growth rate per year to small, light-weight, high frequency, low noise and high reliability direction.

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