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Intelligent LED products is the inevitable trend of market development

Writer:www.turnmax-tech.comSource:东莞市腾茂电子有限公司 Date:2016-11-14
LED products used in home lighting a unique advantage is through the energy saving of lighting intelligent control to create a comfortable environment. LED to the light source characteristic determines its intelligent lighting direction in the future. 3-5 years later, when the LED lights to use limit, is no longer LED lighting energy saving effect and the final demand. The future of LED lighting competition more embodies in intelligent requirements.
In recent years, many international first-line lighting brand enterprises have begun to layout sensing, communications, multimedia, and other areas of the intelligent control. As early as in the first half of 2011, philips lighting has been cooperation with bayer to join ecological commercial building plans. Through interdisciplinary collaboration, the plan to build, public and business sustainable architecture for decision makers of the construction industry provides a comprehensive service solutions and materials. At the same time, osram last year through its acquisition of Encelium technology company (the company has sophisticated commercial building lighting control software system), and aim at LED lighting control solutions. And at present, though some domestic enterprises introduced the intelligent lighting products, but most only stay in a simple move light toning.
In fact, the concept of intelligent lighting is far more than that. Intelligent lighting concept basically has two: one is through the sensor, the change of light, let light adaptation; Second is light as the transmission medium, as the acceptor. Intelligent lighting is not only change the luminosity, it communications, sensing, cloud computing, Internet and other modern technology is blended in among them, the effect of light is not only the light.
"Intelligent" lighting products on the market at present is mainly through the use of the drive power control function to achieve intelligent effect, the technology itself is not difficult. At the same time, the domestic market demand for intelligent LED lighting is not high. High LED industry research institute (GLII) survey data show that the current domestic intelligent LED lighting the permeability of less than 2%, and product application is mainly reflected in the adjustable light LED landscape light, color temperature LED street lamp and its monitoring, etc.
At present domestic enterprises on the research of intelligent lighting, adjustable stay mainly in LED light toning lighting products, LED intelligent lighting systematically the real vendors were rare. At present domestic LED lighting enterprise for intelligent understanding of the concept is not thorough, the domestic enterprise pursuit of intelligent is blind, focusing on the immediate interests; And international understanding of intelligence, mainly from the people and the environment coordination as the starting point.
There is no lack of energy conservation and environmental protection but the market is always "followers". To this, some in the industry have their own points of view: on the one hand is because intelligent is the inevitable trend of market development, on the other hand, the so-called "intelligent" lighting products on the market at present technology cost is not high, and the profit is not low.

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