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7 to the iPhone, should buy to buy buy?

Writer:www.turnmax-tech.comSource:东莞市腾茂电子有限公司 Date:2016-11-14
7 to the iPhone, should buy to buy buy?
Don't know how many people are there all night to look at the apple conference? Turbulence ran a walk, last night went to bed very early. After get up in the morning, in the circle of friends is the iPhone refresh the 7.
7 / update Plus a lot of the iPhone, but for photography enthusiasts, the biggest bright spot is the iPhone 7 Plus dual cameras. 2 x optical zoom.. To simulate the depth of field... Believe that many people are hesitant in the heart, what should buy buy buy?
Turbulence together with you and see what can bring about photography dual cameras, and then to make a decision.
Rear look at description: 7/7 Plus all the iPhone 12000000 megapixel camera, pre - 7 million megapixel camera, the difference is that the iPhone 7 Plus used two cameras, one is like iPhone7 wide-angle lens, another was a telephoto lens, can achieve 2 x optical zoom.
A, 2 x optical zoom, can better (steal)
What do you mean 2 x optical zoom? Is a time when in concert, tourism, etc... You can make further quality without damage to the picture.
IPhone lens focal length is the whole picture of the SLR 29 mm, 2 x zoom means can achieve the equivalent focal length of the 58 mm. Effect of below left to the right.
Second, the simulation functions, can be thrown away the SLR?
Don't admit, a lot of people buy SLR reason is because SLR can build a shallow depth of field effect, at the same time of keep clear face, builds a fuzzy background effect.
While the iPhone 7 Plus, through the calculation of double lens and can simulate this effect, apple gave a sample figure, although in terms of pictures is a little horrible, but the basic shows mimic the effects of the depth of field. (hello, proof of that, you need to come to know a good learn niuniu portrait photography class teacher)
This technology is not new, and huawei P9 large aperture is actually a reason. How to say, the use of this function need skills, good in convincing as SLR, with well is horrible.
Third, other updates
In addition to Plus double lens, there are some other pictures performance boost, gm in 7 and 7 Plus the iPhone. Such as:
Focusing speed by 60% - more help snapped
Two phones support optical image stabilization, under the condition of bad light can make more clear picture
Mobile phone can also capture a wide color gamut, color will be fine
New flash, has four LED flash, brightness increased by 50% - all sorts of photography tutorials are tell us pictures don't use the built-in flash, so the meaning is not big
With built-in image signal processor, processing input than previously doubled - the effect is unknown, need to review it
In addition to the camera, and processor performance, battery life, screen ascend, ascension to cancel 3.5 mm audio interface, these temporary not to mention...
So good is not easy to see in the end, back to the beginning of the question: what is worth to buy? The opinions of the turbulence is:
If the local tyrants, please feel free to buy buy buy ~
If not the local tyrants, mobile phone is the iPhone 6 the following version, at the same time, considering the new machine, also can buy buy buy ~
If it is not the local tyrants, the use of the iPhone 6 above, replace the meaning is not big. Since the 2 x optical zoom range is not big, is also used for simulation of large aperture late software implementation, and already more than 6000 yuan, can buy a good camera...

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