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What is the power adapter GS certification

Writer:www.turnmax-tech.comSource:东莞市腾茂电子有限公司 Date:2016-11-14
Power adapter with CE certificate to sell in the eu can sell in all eu member states, surely we will ask the GS certification, not Germany, Germany is not belong to the eu member states, then let's see: what is the power adapter GS certification, what is the power adapter GS certification.
GS mark is German security certification mark, the meaning of the GS is German Geprufte Sicherheit certified Safety, there is also a Germany Safety German security means, it is the labor department authorized by the special TUV Germany institutional investor on the implementation of a European certification marks all over the world in terms of product sales. GS was based on German product Safety GPGS, according to the European standard EN or German industrial standards DIN for testing a voluntary certification, is the European market recognized German security authentication marks. GS certification requirements for product and files is the power adapter products through the European Safety standard model experiment and product structure should accord with a standard to ask.
Labor department authorized TUV GS mark is Germany, VDE institutions such as the issue of security authentication marks, GS mark means this product has been the use of security through the credibility of the independent testing. GS certification marks though not legal force, but it does happen in the product fault caused the accident, the manufacturer tightly in Germany (Europe) product safety constraints. So the GS mark is a powerful marketing tool, can enhance the confidence of the customer and the purchase desire. Although the GS is Germany standard, but the vast majority of European countries agree. And meet GS certification at the same time, products can meet the requirements of the ec CE mark. And CE, GS marks and no legal force, but because of the safety consciousness has been deeply ordinary consumers, a GS mark electrical appliances in the market may be a general product is more competitive. The ec CE regulations, 1997.1.1. The regulation "is the low voltage directive (LVD)". GS already contains "low voltage directive (LVD)" all the requirements, so after get GS mark, TUV would be free issued by the product LVD CE certificate (COC), TUV she volunteers group, while the TUV Rheinland certificate after 97 GS certificate contains the LVD certificate. Manufacturers to apply for GS at the same time won the LVD certificate.

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