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Why the charger shell, power shell will appear the phenomenon of blowout of?

Writer:www.turnmax-tech.comSource:东莞市腾茂电子有限公司 Date:2016-11-10
For many do charger manufacturers have been ready to finished product, packaging, put in the warehouse or shipped abroad, in the process of transportation, to the quality of the plastic shell burst occurs, light exchange, heavy damages, caused immeasurable loss. Manufacturer of charger manufacturers and car charger shell, in the plastic industry, itself is not his strong point, is not very professional, and also can't separate from product plastic shell surface whether there is stability of quality, it is difficult to control the phenomenon of blowout.
This reason mainly is:
1. The plastic shell materials and mixing in the process of production to appear.
2. The ratio of raw materials and material floolwing uneven, shuikou expected too much or full nozzle or confused two different materials.
3. In the process of production play anti-rust oil or other lubricant. 4. The electronic manufacturer is in manufacturing process, circuit board soldering is not GongGan, or use bad flux, long gas react with plastic shell will happen. Above mistakes, make the product, because the product materials have a variety of components, in a certain temperature and time, different materials such as internal stress generated between the fusion burst.
Actually this kind of situation as long as do the following to prevent for free.
1. Choose to have certain well-knownness charger shell manufacturers and power shell manufacturers cooperation, best can visit the phenomenon of charger shell production factory, understand the production process, be carrying.
2. Identify the company's business development strategy, an operator is pay attention to quality or pay attention to the profit maximization. Now on the market a lot of small family factory, shipment received the money, everything is all right, in the material. The materials, production processes have no controls or no practical experience in this field.
3. In the mold design also should have professional level, if the mold design products out of the mold and the mold product may itself, there are cracks in the strain, but very fine was unable to see with the naked eye, when the blowout of evident after the change of temperature and time.

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