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Type c with large popularization, what place is worth studying?

Writer:www.turnmax-tech.comSource:东莞市腾茂电子有限公司 Date:2016-11-10

SB latest generation technology for USB connector Type - C, although the technology was born in 2014, but few people pay attention to the technology, until apple MacBook in 2015 on the use of the technology, the Type - C this name with the release of apple laptop become well known, a lot of people exclaimed "wow! An interface can act as a USB interface, video output and power so much, it's really a god!"
Have to admit, dip the apple's light can quickly known, and apple also does have the ability to further promote a standard, and often able to succeed. New MacBook application Type - C interface is really very appropriate, thin to limit the fuselage cannot carry large and small volume interface, and small Type - C can set charging and data transmission and video output. As the leader of the industry, apple's innovation ability and the strength is worth for sure.
Today many Windows PC, smart phone, display, charger, storage peripherals, etc have begun to adopt the technology. And apple from the connector, USB Type - C also supports convertible. The USB Type - although there are different and USB 3.1 C, but there is a link between both. It supports the transmission speed of 10 Gb/s, was launched in 1996, more than 1000 times the speed of USB 1.0, then its speed only 12 Mb/SEC.
Equally important, the USB Type - C support multiple standby mode, one of the most prominent feature is the ability to transmit 100 watts of power. And at the same time support two 4 k display at 60 hz refresh rate to refresh, the most important thing is, it also can complete data transfer. Namely, theoretically it supports a connector by a line at the same time to complete the power, data and video transmission. Just a line to get all the things.
But we also know that there is a gap between theory and reality. The crux of the problem is that not all USB connector Type - C support all of these different functions, and the average user without after careful study, they also don't know is equipped with a USB Type - C interface devices, which functions of the interface is.
And 3.0 the Thunderbolt technology developed by Intel, while using and USB 3.1 different interface technology, but it USES the same connector and USB Type - C. Thunderbolt 3.0 connector (and 1.0/2.0 of Thunderbolt connector is different, the latter two used and mini DisplayPort video standard connector) will have a sign of a lightning, so many people recognize a look. Is noted, at this point it's different from the apple from the connector, it has not the logo. Do you find confusing? Actually chaotic than you.
Thunderbolt is a superset of USB 3.1 3.0 actually said a little too much, it supports USB 3.1 signal, PCIe 3.0, HDMI 2.0 or 1.2 DisplayPort video signal, 100 watts, Thunderbolt data connection, all of these need only connected via a USB connector Type - C. But its disadvantage is that any equipment support Thunderbolt 3.0 requires special Thunderbolt control chip, costs will increase. And full bandwidth Thunderbolt 3 cable isn't cheap, because it requires the built-in active electronic devices.
And equipment manufacturers can be relatively low cost to deploy standard USB Type - C, and the USB Type - C cheaper than Thunderbolt version of the full bandwidth of the cable. But also precisely because of these costs reduce causes another kind of form to the user. Because a device equipped with a USB connector Type - C does not think that it supports the power supply or other spare, Ph.D., such as support for DisplayPort or MHL (smart phone to support large screen) video standard. Actually, technically, it may be a USB Type - C interface, but it does not necessarily support USB 3.1, although the reality is rarely appear this kind of circumstance.
The real problem is that there is no a simpler way to define the different variations of the USB Type - C. Development one of the purposes of this standard is to launch a small connectors for use in small devices.
There is a problem, with the emergence of the USB Type - C, we began to have a interface "virtualisation" problems. At present each interface has exclusive connectors and exclusive signal type, such as USB data transfer to the peripheral devices, Ethernet interface is responsible for the network, such as HDMI and DisplayPort video connector is responsible for video content delivery, etc. And with the emergence of multi-function interface USB Type - C, this one-to-one interface and functional equivalence relationship was broken. Although this is a very important technological progress, but if users ignore, or don't understand related technologies, the user is likely to just can't figure out the situation.
But the interface "virtualisation" also has a good side, it will generate more useful expansion dock and we have never seen expansion connection base, especially for notebooks, tablets and smartphones. As long as you put the cable to the device can use any interface function, at the same time also can recharge equipment. Perhaps there will be a new peripheral device type, such as single display from the host device receives the video content, connect the power supply, support stereo, USB storage, even support another display.
Maybe after many from wired to wireless connection, but from the power supply and a lot of equipment in the challenge of a wireless connection, the USB Type - C variant, especially the Thunderbolt 3.0 and other variants may soon come.
In the rise and development of the USB Type - C standard our equipment as well as connect into a new era, but the user must be familiar with the new standards may also need under certain time.

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