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How to maintain the power adapter

Writer:www.turnmax-tech.comSource:东莞市腾茂电子有限公司 Date:2016-11-10
(1) pay attention to the power cord, try to notice when winding notebook power cord, lest broke the internal cable circuit. If the external power supply is not power, you can try to plug in a laptop battery, if the laptop can normal boot, the power cord could be a laptop or notebook power adapter has a problem. Then use a multimeter test, find out whether there is problem, notebook power supply cord to simplify the fault to solve the difficulty of, don't try to open the laptop power adapter shell from the start. Open the notebook power adapter the difficulty of the shell is very big. No warranty to repair as soon as possible. If not professional, even if not yourselves apart the warranty repair, after all, buy a new are few money thing, if their repair after burn out laptop use process is uneconomic.
(2) if the original notebook power adapter has a problem, can't repair, we can use other adapter to replace, as long as the output voltage, current and interface can be quite.
(3) the power adapter problems burn laptop computer motherboards, this kind of situation is very rare, if any, may be notebook internal voltage regulator circuit damage.
(4) as far as possible not to destroy the shell, shell after destruction, can appear the problems such as electromagnetic radiation, strengthen, influence the stability of the notebook. There is also a very harm on their body. If the casing damage, as far as possible to send to repair. Open appearance, after open the shield, it is best to first check welding feet, macroscopic observation, circuit starts, are generally poor contact.
(5) check whether there is any problem on capacitance resistance inductance, such as capacitance in bulge, had better change in time, lest leave hidden trouble.
The damage causes according to the above is part of the power adapter, if you are not a professional repair, try not to yourself as long as pay attention to maintenance in daily use power adapter will reduce a lot of couldn't wait to damage.

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