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Apple MFi certification

Writer:www.turnmax-tech.comSource:东莞市腾茂电子有限公司 Date:2016-11-10
Apple MFi certification
Foreign names
Clear and mandatory
Apple MFi certification definition
"Made for iPod," Made for iPhone, "and" Made for the "refers to the connection respectively iPod, the iPhone and the special design of electronic accessories. And these parts have been apple authorized certification, in order to meet the performance standards. Apple apple, not for the unit operation or its responsibility comply with safety certification standards.
MFi certification mark
Apple MFi certification requirements
Apple is clear and mandatory for all authorized dealer's request, the functionality for apple accessories products, must be certified and authorized brand accessories, or used without authorization of damaged apple products accessories products, the company will not make any warranty.
Teng MAO electronic co., LTD in May 2016 in dongguan won the MFI apple certification, against apple users, our company has been trying to make apple blunt appliances of quality assurance, in order to be able to let the consumers buy the rest assured, with enjoyable, my company has been negotiating with MFI certification bodies close it, product continuous improvement, optimizing the structure.
We also developed some more humanized products, for example, a charger can blunt two phones, respectively, have fast filling mouth; Three blunt electricity mouth; Four blunt electricity mouth, can give four phones blunt electricity at the same time, this sales were particularly high, convenient when four people play CARDS to four phones blunt electricity at the same time, is very convenient and quick, practical.

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