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GTI summit of 2016 world conference on mobile

Writer:www.turnmax-tech.comSource:东莞市腾茂电子有限公司 Date:2016-11-10

China mobile chairman Mr Li in 2016 the world mobile congress do GTI summit theme speech. In recent years, skilled use of smartphones 80 after 90, have increasingly accept WeChat elderly people have a common feeling: Internet traffic with more and more frequently, calls less and less. The life changes on June 29th at the mobile world congress 2016 in Shanghai get "digital confirm" : China mobile traffic has super voice business income scale. Meeting the latest report also shows that the mobile user will add 600 million to 2020; 2015 mobile technologies and services for the economic value of $1.3 trillion in the asia-pacific region. Jiangsu mobile traffic and voice revenue ratio of 1.03:1, a global network scale and customer scale biggest mobile operator China mobile to exhibit in the "with you" as the theme. China mobile chairman Mr Li at the opening ceremony titled innovation strain, embracing new mobile Internet times a keynote speech. Mobile Internet new era has brought new growth momentum for operators. Traffic demand will continue to grow. In the next five years China's information consumption scale will be around 13% annual growth rate, information consumption will be close to 55 trillion yuan in 2020. China mobile traffic growth rate of more than one hundred percent in recent years, traffic revenue scale for more than voice services. Since 2015, jiangsu mobile traffic over voice revenue; In the first five months of 2016, jiangsu mobile traffic and voice to income ratio is 1.03:1. Will be 5 g in 2020, has the ability to "fast" and so on three big, Mr Li said China mobile number of 4 g base stations has been more than 1.3 million, more than 400 million subscribers. China mobile will achieve by the end of 4 g customer more than 500 million households; With more than 125 countries and regions opened 4 g international roaming service. Mr Li in the "from 4 g to 5 g, future beyond imagination" speech, to share a true story: the Spring Festival WeChat Lucky Money explosive growth, 90% of the bonus is China's 4 g mobile users. Because of the mobile phone to the Internet, from the point of 4 g as long as 20 milliseconds, and 3 g to 120 milliseconds. 4 g advantage is "fast", 5 g is faster - 5 g offer peak rate of 20 GBPS enhanced mobile broadband capabilities, and connect the Internet of things ability, high reliability and low delay communication ability and so on three big ability. China mobile 5 g plan in 2016 are as follows: technology, commercially oriented product development trial in 2018, 2020 commercial. At present, the central laboratory in Beijing has to carry out the key technology laboratory tests; Founded in Qingdao for the Internet of things, industry vertical applications, such as the Internet the first area laboratory; In chengdu, 5 g outfield test environment is constructed, In Stockholm established 5 g joint laboratory with partners. China's information and communications of the institute for Cao Shumin introduction, look forward to working with global Chinese 5 g experiment sharing achievement, accelerate the 5 g technology standard. Participating countries experts also said that Japan and South Korea, the United States and Europe are doing or will start the 5 g experiment. China mobile will launch a four phone unity in today China mobile "towards a 5 g" exhibition, through the image of the low latency model of vehicle automated driving intuitively feel 4 g, 5 g delay rate under different environmental differences. In 4 g + personal business experience zone, "hd voice ((look)" into the biggest bright spot. 4 g + terminal exhibition exhibited focuses on China mobile's own brand of 4 g mobile phone. It is reported that China mobile provides 4 g terminal of more than 2000, of which one thousand yuan the following 4 g phones accounted for 70%. , executive vice President of China mobile Li Huidi said on June 30, China mobile will launch a support (, RCS, CA, four NFC syncretic function of mobile phone. Yangzi evening news reporter Merry ma author: merry ma (the original title: operators traffic revenue over voice revenues for the first time.



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