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The market began to accept LED protection components Demand will surge in the next few years

Writer:www.turnmax-tech.comSource:东莞市腾茂电子有限公司 Date:2016-11-10
High power LED lighting applications need protection components
High power LED is provided with incandescent lamp or CFL light is unable to provide long service life, low power consumption, and low maintenance requirements, these factors make the LED becomes more and more popular in outdoor applications. LED is a sensitive electronic components, however, it is easy to be system switch machine, electrostatic discharge, and nearby lightning caused by damage of transient overvoltage and overcurrent. In addition, drive LED switching power supply does not provide the perceptual LED lighting electronic ballast of transient over-voltage or over-current protection.
In order to meet the needs of high-power LED lighting applications, LED is usually designed to be 5 to 20 series use, because the list of the LED power because of the heat dissipation problem could not have done a lot. But the problem is, as long as the series connection structure of a single LED fails, the whole string of leds will fail together. In street light or airport runway lighting applications, a series of LED by a fault may cause the overall lighting brightness dark or completely black, lead to unimaginable security problems. In outdoor LED advertising display applications, it may produce the white dots, and causes loss of revenue. In any of these applications, the application of fault often leads to a series of LED outdoor costly maintenance problems.
To solve this problem, many vendors have launched various sizes of LED protection components, such as Bourns, Littelfuse (force) and TE (original tyco electronics), anson and Vishay, etc.
The protection of the traditional LED main consideration against lightning and ESD influence caused by the surge, and prevent the power of positive negative after the damage. But for the application in the high power LED outdoor lighting, also need to consider the LED string how reliable work, and reduce maintenance costs, Bourns and force special supplier of LED can completely meet the demand of all protection components. LED component not only can prevent lightning protection, surge, reverse connect, still can have individual leds in the LED string damage caused when open, ensure the normal order of the other LED light.
LED to protect the component element can effectively protect the LED from nearby lightning and ESD discharge, etc. The impact of the surge voltage/current source. In addition, the LED protection element contains the reverse current diode, it can protect the LED string is not affected by power supply polarity reverse connection.
With the series of each LED parallel LED protection components. If a LED open-circuit, is connected to the LED to protect components available and should be protected through the fault current of the LED guide LED components. This ensures that the other LED twinkle light can work normally, so out of just a single LED, and the whole LED twinkle light can still work normally, greatly reduces the outdoor lighting in the late maintenance costs.
In the case of not connected, LED to protect components only through several micro ampere of electric current, so will not affect the whole circuit. In the condition of trigger, it will carry full current of the led twinkle light and produce about 1.3 v voltage drop.
Future demand for half a year will be a high power LED to protect from the low production cost, high maintenance rate, high maintenance cost to low repair rate, high reliability, low maintenance, and even free maintenance cost transformation period, is also LED to protect components to be accepted by the market and recognize the key time.

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