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Charging 1 minute run 12 km New energy vehicles to counter attack

Writer:www.turnmax-tech.comSource:东莞市腾茂电子有限公司 Date:2016-11-10

What is a PSA? It is not the CIA, nor FIFA is PSA Peugeot Citroen group. Why to want to talk about PSA, this is because for hot new energy vehicles battlefield, PSA in the footsteps of some slow obviously. But slow is not equal to lag behind, allegedly they just released a new set of super fast charging technology, this technology in theory could reach charging a minute run 12 km. For obvious backwardness of PSA, it don't really want to counter attack rhythm?

What "quick charge technology" short time internal energy so detonated the eye? In the final analysis, it is a new generation of lithium ion battery and charger, equipped with the iterative products of electric vehicles will be able to significantly improve the range, and on the basis of effective shorten the charging time, is the power of the electric car industry development and a large black technology!

For this iteration product, a PSA for it provides two kinds of different specifications, the car is carrying on 12 KWH battery pack, and some "heavyweight" models such as SUV carrying 13 KWH battery, battery capacity, a hybrid model of relative before jumped 12 times, maximum power 90 kw, compared with the level of competing goods also fully 20% 30%, higher than that of superiority is quite obvious.


Yes, a new battery pack is to improve a lot, but how could it is concluded that "charging 1 minute run 12 km" conclusion? Seemingly there is nothing too big correlation between? Battery pack alone is definitely not, watch you should never forget that it also matches a set of charging.
The charging of cow force is in the condition of using ac power charging, 90 minutes can be filled into the range of 100 kilometers need electricity (emergency absolute enough); And once the use of its home quick charge system, that is to go into a state and buff, 30 minutes into 80% of electricity, with this brand new super fast charging technology can provide the largest range to convert, charging 1 minute exercise 12 km is completely feasible. Day, can go so reverse? That what mobile phone, you come out, feeling is kind of too weak.
"To win the race, sails are braving the voyage", there is competition can make greater progress. We hope that the major at home and abroad, including PSA makers can in benign competition within the scope of an alert, suppress YiGuJin son, pull the continuous development of new energy vehicles industry!

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