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Charger manufacturers tell why electric vehicle battery charging time will you be hot hot

Writer:www.turnmax-tech.comSource:东莞市腾茂电子有限公司 Date:2016-11-10
Heat in general, electric vehicle batteries are almost, not very high, but not cold, in the range of normal, not damage to the battery, but recently there are quite a few net friend online consulting to myself at home while on a electric vehicle battery charging battery is always hot hot, how did this happen? Take a look at below xu sent battery manufacturers of professional solutions.
Professional personage points out, the reason will be electric vehicle battery hair perm hot even not turn lights, mainly have the following reasons:
First, battery and charger does not match
This is the most common, most families have one or more electric cars, and many families of electric cars are of different brands, the battery charger is also different, but in use process, often mixed with use, this does not match the charger will cause the battery when move power supply heat, hair perm hot condition, therefore, to this, suggest don't use other charger, using only his.
If our charger is broken, so, the proposal to the initial purchase of dealerships to buy, the configuration, it can avoid not appropriate.
Second, the quality problem
Electric car batteries need volatile hydrogen and lots of sun be the spirit, but the new battery won't appear this kind of hot hot commonly, because is manufacturer's processing, temperature is constant, if appear, said the new battery has a problem.
Through these two points can be seen, electric car batteries is very delicate, if you don't care and maintenance, so it would be easy to occur accident, such as for hair perm heat cause fire, etc., this is not alarmist, but to tell you.
In addition, you also need to remember that electric vehicles is not the battery is bad, but bad, in the process of charging must always remember that show manufacturer, and strictly abide by, especially on the charging time, don't think that the longer the capacity, the greater the time is too long can damage cells, or even cause a fire. And too little, charge and discharge frequently, will be a lot of damage to the battery.

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