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Basic knowledge of car power adapter and the matters needing attention

Writer:www.turnmax-tech.comSource:东莞市腾茂电子有限公司 Date:2016-11-10
What's the use of a, car power?
Answer: simply car power is an offer of electric device in the car, with it you can use your laptop in the car electronic products, such as, TV, DVD, razor and recharge my mobile phone digital camera and so on, is a very necessary spare car products;
Second, the electric car power itself?
A: car power itself without energy storage device, it comes from the cigarette lighter to get direct current, voltage filtering and high frequency inverter circuit, into a 220 v alternating current output;
Third, how to judge me is in the car cigarette lighter 12 v or 24 v?
Answer: according to the measures for the management of motor vehicles in our country, the blue on the license plate of small cars, such as passenger cars, light trucks, etc.) within 15 cigarette lighter is 12 v, yellow plate on the big car is 24 v. In addition to pay attention to general cigarette lighter can withstand maximum power is 200 w for a long time.
Fourth, the use of the car power complex?
A: very simple, the car power of cigar head inserted into the car cigarette lighter, turn on the switch can output 220 v alternating current (ac), a very simple operation, and do not need any maintenance, because jinbao six heavy traffic load power protection function, the overload, reverse connection, short circuit and other improper use can be immediately shutdown protection, you can rest assured use;
Five, the car power consume the electric car battery?
A: no, because the car cigarette lighter is taken from the auto generator direct current, as long as the car's engine driven generators in operation, the car with electric originate from this, such as headlight driving a night driving at night you also can't without electricity, only twist when it is key to open the door but no car battery power, so as long as the car can use the car power;
Six, with car power charge oil?
Answer: although the car power into power ultimately comes from the engine, but relatively easily more than one hundred kilowatts of engine, controlled one hundred watts of on-board power supply will not increase how much fuel consumption;
Seven, car power of choose and buy what?
A: first of all must choose normal big brand, because the car power direct contact with people, its safety performance and it is very important to protect function; Second must not pursue cheap to buy car power of the plastic shell, because car power work need good heat dissipation; Also depends on whether there's a good after-sales service;

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