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The charger security to be reckoned with!

Writer:www.turnmax-tech.comSource:东莞市腾茂电子有限公司 Date:2016-11-04
Battery products with the vigorous development of today's science and technology and the rise of environmental awareness and development unceasingly, the rechargeable battery type for use with reusable features, has been widely applied in many portable 3 c electronic products, such as mobile phone, MP3 or iPod, digital cameras and laptop computers.
As the rechargeable battery type security is one of the popular attaches great importance to the issue, we cannot ignore its "charger" of the development of the safety requirements.
Charger products UL safety standards
According to the 3 c products is more and more light and functional diversification, the development trend of battery must follow new and smaller, yet neither nickel cadmium, nickel metal hydride, lithium ion or lithium polymer batteries, is possible because the design is not careful, and implied enough to let people were injured and even fatal risk huge energy. This is also in recent years, the battery safety requirements consistently is one of the main causes of international attention. UL for the security of all kinds of battery products, continue to develop the corresponding standards for evaluating standard, these standards have was highly recognized by the industry.
Followed in the footsteps of battery technology development, we must be expanded to charger products safety. When placed in the charger charge battery, it for the charger, it was a mains power socket, the charger output end another dc power supply. If the charger is poorly designed, or internal parts failure or short circuit, which could trigger dangerous. Through the output of the charger wire or output terminal, for example, take charge of energy into the battery charger, can cause the charger internal insulation failure due to overheating, causing shell in overheating and melting, even caused the fire. Happened several years ago, the United States had a similar case, because the charge of electricity in battery charger inside the output line fault short circuit, current into a great circuit, make the charger inside the isolation transformer insulation breakdown caused by overheating and melting.
Due to the charger and supplement of the rechargeable battery in the design application, to cooperate terminal UL has developed a series of don't apply to the similar power product safety standards.
Safety assessment in the project, the most notable because of the above case in the United States, the derivative of the "reverse feeding Protection" (Backfeed Protection, BFP) the new provisions, including UL 1310 and UL 1012 charger, covered by UL in addition to the provisions of products must be made on the structure of the output terminal is equipped with Protection function to prevent reverse feeding, as well as in the actual product testing, required additional safety assessment through a reverse feeding Protection.
Charger for the general power supply has more potential danger, so no matter on the structure or the requirements of the test project, will be more stringent than the general power supply products, or have more additional clauses, simulation by the user in the process of charging, might encounter abnormal condition; And in order to have more of a layer of Protection to the user, the warning mark on the charger also within the scope of the UL assessment, such as product must additional labeled "Backfeed Protection," or "BFP", and must be clearly marked to remind users can only make a charge for the specified battery charger is tie-in, or in the goods attached in the manual, clearly shows the battery model, type and quantity, etc.

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