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Switch power adapter is how to choose

Writer:www.turnmax-tech.comSource:东莞市腾茂电子有限公司 Date:2016-11-03
Valve first, switching power supply, this is a big categories. Switch power adapter actually should be divided into two categories, one is high frequency power supply, there is low frequency power supply.
High frequency power supply, actual collectively referred to as switching power supply, it is a high frequency low resistance, so early on this kind of power of image, sound quite dry her sex, but after a long improvement, has been completely solved this problem, and the scheme has been very perfect; In addition, switch power supply, small volume, light weight, strong power can expand sex, costs relatively low frequency is much lower, so received the recognition from the market, the basic instead of low frequency power supply; Is the most important high frequency power supply for input voltage control, to a large range of values, so it can be solved within the range of input voltage value, to ensure that the output voltage current uniform, the protection of equipment have a considerable effect, for example, its input voltage range value can reach AC90V - 264 - v, no matter how the input voltage in this range, the output voltage, electric current will not cause any change, so the voltage range of adapted to 98% of the world on the mains voltage fluctuation range, use place is very wide, solved a lot because of the input voltage instability, the needs of the same product in different places; Now on the market, of course, there are also many because the cost of the problem was with the method of switch power supply, do different voltage input, for example, the do AC220V input switching power supply, such costs relatively wide voltage input costs less with 12 v1a for example 1 yuan; Switching power supply plan now mature, powerful, can achieve the input voltage over-voltage protection, over-current protection of input current (flow is mainly caused by lightning), the protection of over current, not only to ensure the power supply is normal and stable work, more to ensure the stable equipment normal use.
Pop, an elixir power transformer is the sort of, fire cow, heavy that source of power. That kind of power supply isolation, good, strong ability to resist dry properly. But the downside is that the weight is heavy, large volume, it is the most deadly of the input voltage at some parameters of the uniform, for example, the input is 220 v, so he could only at the time of the normal input of 220 v, for normal power. When it is higher than 220 v, you of the transformer is likely to be burned. You when it is lower than 220 v output power is not enough, one of the biggest problems is the low frequency transformer, like many current state grid is not stable, sometimes high sometimes low input voltage, so the current with the method of low frequency power supply is basically running out, and its weight, volume, for export, is also a big problem, and the same power, low frequency higher than that of high frequency power supply many now, so the market has changed in seven years ago, and now slowly out of the consumer.

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