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The choose and buy wire, the power cord plugs don't forget to see the "3 c" certification marks

Writer:www.turnmax-tech.comSource:东莞市腾茂电子有限公司 Date:2016-10-29
In order to pass on the pressure from higher raw material prices, some wire and cable companies should come up with the "solution" to cut corners. City department of quality control in the near future for the city's wire and cable and plug socket production enterprises to carry out a special inspection, has alleged violation cases and 10 quality site sealed cable over 20000 meters, the power cord plug socket hundred only, destroying counterfeiting dens one. At present, the relevant case is under further investigation processing.
It is understood that in the tested 88 wire and cable and 53 plug in the socket production enterprises, some enterprises in the copper, plastic and other raw material prices, product materials for the "lean". Authorities said quality supervision department, individual companies to reduce cost, artificially reduce the amount of wire and copper wire and reduce wire diameter, or use "copper clad aluminum", namely in the power cord production in the process of adding aluminum magnesium alloy wire instead of copper for illegal production, to achieve the goal of reducing costs. Once the dosage of the copper wire can not meet the specified requirements, will increase the resistance of the wires and calorific value, and then increase the consumption of energy consumption and security risks in the process of consumers to use.
In addition to the core, make plastic for the power cord also became the object of individual enterprise to cut corners. We have learned, at present, some enterprises still exist using the material processing production of plastic wire outsourcing phenomenon. Go back to the material processing outsourcing plastic ageing fast, short service life, and easy to get an electric shock and other personal casualty accidents.
Therefore, suggest that consumers in the choose and buy quality supervision department such as wire and cable, plug socket included in the scope of 3 c compulsory certification management of products, in addition to recognize the brand, should see whether products plus the 3 c mark, to distributors and view product 3 c certification.

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