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LED power supply applications in other areas

Writer:www.turnmax-tech.comSource:东莞市腾茂电子有限公司 Date:2016-10-29
A, LED application in medicine
In recent years, the LED has made breakthrough progress in the clinical medical research, here are two examples.
The sebaceous glands of acne is a common disease, the incidence in adolescents is as high as 80%, the wavelength of about 415 nm LED blue light acne propionic acid bacillus can make anaerobic sex acne propionic acid bacillus endogenous porphyrin photochemical reaction, generate singlet oxygen, thus to kill bacteria, to achieve the effect of treating acne. LED light therapy is safe and effective, and no drug resistance and side effects of traditional treatment.
The LED light phototherapy is the typical application of the treatment of neonatal jaundice. Bilirubin can absorb light at 450 ~ 460 nm wavelength, and the LED blue light peak wavelength between 425 ~ 475 nm, and still is the best of the phototherapy light source.
According to the research achievements of low energy laser on wound healing, introduced the use of LED many companies to improve wound healing and tissue healing products, and made a lot of clinical research, obtained the satisfactory results.
With the continuous development of LED technology, LED application in the medical field is huge, the development of a variety of practical, new, simple, safe and easy to promote LED series medical equipment will be more widely services in biology and medicine.
Second, LED application in agriculture
In recent years, with LED technology is increasingly mature, people began to introduce the LED light source in agricultural production. Compared with currently used fluorescent or high pressure sodium lamp lighting system for artificial light, LED light can be adjusted, light quality (red/blue or red/far-red ratio) can be adjusted, low cooling load and allowed to improve cultivation quantity per unit area, etc, therefore to the closed loop control of agricultural production environment (such as plant tissue were examined, plant growth chamber, etc.) is a kind of very suitable for artificial light. LED has begun a preliminary and used for agricultural production, such as the U.S. space agency NASA initiative LED applied to space agriculture.
LED research direction in the field of agriculture still has a lot of extension of space, not only can realize intensive plant production, reduce the use of plant hormones and other chemicals, can also be used for agricultural pest prevention and control of the physical, the specific wavelength of LED light source of killing pests; Can also be used for animal breeding, the use of a particular wavelength of LED lighting to promote animal production, reduce the disease occurs, reduce feed additives and the use of the hormone and so on.
Three, LED in the application of the fishery
In the field of fishery, leds can be used as attracting fish lamp. Because blue leds (450 ~ 500 nm) main wavelength of light attenuation in the sea is very small, at the same time is also very close to the squid, fish visual sensitive wavelength range (470 ~ 490 nm), so the LED is very suitable for attracting fish lamp light source. The LED used in fish, shellfish aquaculture, and other likely in the study.
Fourth, LED application in communication
LED development also has attracted much attention in the field of optical communication. If match with the appropriate driver circuit, LED 100 MB/s can be used in high speed digital communication, can be a family information network, etc. On based on the LED can provide information for mobile phones, navigation, etc of the visible light wireless communication technology fundamental research also in positive way.
Five, the application of LED in the vending machine
Using the directional LED to the reasonable light distribution design, developed a 80 only LED (1 m wide vending machine) to achieve the same as the low brightness mode of fluorescent lamp brightness of vending machine, the product energy saving about 10% ~ 10%, and 1 ~ 2 years without replacement bulbs.
Sixth, the application of LED in the field of backlight
In LED all kinds of applications for mobile phones and small LCD screen back light of market demand is the largest. On a mobile phone can be seen everywhere LED applications, such as LCD back light illumination, buttons, the received signal of the shining prompt, camera flash, etc., have a cell phone installed in as many as 20 leds. Save electricity, small LED help to extend the minimization of call time on cell phones and cell phone.
As a large LCD background light source, in car navigation, computer monitors, and other areas of the large LCD back light has a good development prospect.
Do with LED back light of high color rendering, high-definition image quality of large screen LCD TV has started to commercialization.
Seven, the application of LED in the field of road traffic
In the field of road traffic, in addition to the traffic lights, LED with energy saving, long life, free maintenance, small volume and other characteristics gradually applied to the tunnel light, street light, tunnel lamp, route guidance lamp and other fields.
Eight, the application of LED in the field of military, aviation
In fact, the LED since birth first used as national defense, military, aviation and other lighting and identification, etc., it is in the field of military, aviation and will have broad prospect of application.
Nine, LED in the application of electronic equipment
At present, the LED has become the light is the first choice of various electronic equipment, almost all of the electronic devices have LED.
In a word, the advantages of the LED is not only in the field of lighting, its great potential in many fields, looking forward to the further development in the future.

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