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The high frequency switch power adapter principle introduction

Writer:www.turnmax-tech.comSource:东莞市腾茂电子有限公司 Date:2016-10-29
1. The high frequency switching power supply: ability to supply our power device.
2.1970 years, the Dutch Neti. R.M.R ao research developed a kind of nonlinear switching power adapter, called the switch power adapter (SwitchingModePowerSupply, hereinafter referred to as SMPS or SPS);
3. SPS will input ac voltage rectifier filter after a certain frequency of dc high voltage switch to high voltage square wave signals. The signal after the isolation transformer converts the low voltage dc, then rectifier filter to get them fixed dc voltage output.
4. Due to the rapid development of microelectronics, the electrical equipment in the design to the requirement of high frequency switch power supply system on quality more perfect performance, higher efficiency, lighter weight, small size, high power and intelligent. SPS is the trend of new technology.
5. In addition to the application of SPS in electronics and computer systems, also can be used in TV, display, terminal. Numerical machine tools. Equipment. Household appliances, communications and missile systems and other fields of almost all of the electricity.
6. Working principle of the high frequency switching power supply:
7. AC input voltage (AC) by EMI filter circuit filter after some interference and noise power grid, directly to rectifier and filter for high voltage direct current (DC). Then dc high voltage into the square wave cutting device (MOSFET), cut into 50 ~ 200 KHZ high-frequency voltage square wave signal. The square wave signal into the isolation transformer primary and induction of the low voltage ac electric potential by secondary after rectifying filtering, get low voltage dc output, stable supply load. Regardless of whether the input voltage with or without change or output load changes, to maintain the stability of the output dc voltage. Therefore, the dc output monitoring circuit on the output voltage monitoring, and the feedback signal to the PWM logic control circuit to adjust the duty cycle, so as to adjust the output voltage stable effect. Failure occurs when the load (such as: short circuit, overload, etc.) through the protection circuit when the signal quickly back to the PWM switch logic control circuit to make square wave components to stop working, and to achieve the protection function.

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