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Current situation of the development of LED drive power supply industry

Writer:www.turnmax-tech.comSource:东莞市腾茂电子有限公司 Date:2016-10-29
lanterns, its quality has important influence on the reliability of the LED lighting lamps and lanterns, the driving stability of the power supply quality is the key factor for the service life of the LED lighting lamps and lanterns. At present, the LED drive power LED lighting is the bottleneck of large-scale promotion, it is also one of the key factors which restrict the development of the LED lighting industry.
LED drive power supply market scale will go into overdrive: the rapid growth of the global LED lighting market to promote the development of LED drive power supply industry continuously, according to the institute of high LED industry statistics show that in 2014 the global LED lighting driver power supply output size reached 27.7 billion yuan, up 33.8% from a year earlier. LED drive power supply as an important corollary equipment of LED lighting lamps and lanterns, the size of the market affected by LED lighting market directly.
Introduced the concept of green energy in the whole world, both energy-saving, durable, environmental protection and other characteristics of the LED lighting industry gradually show the huge market potential, widely recognized by the market. In order to promote the traditional lighting to LED lighting industry in the industrial upgrading, governments around the world have also given us a lot of support in policy and funding. In the future, in multiple positive long-term, driven by LED lighting market will go into overdrive. According to the forecast, the global LED lighting lamps and lanterns is the size of the market will increase by about $25.9 billion in 2013 to about $107.8 billion in 2018, the compound annual growth rate of 33.00%. In this situation, the downstream application market demand gradually release positive stimulus, LED drive power supply market into overdrive. According to the Chinese industry research report forecasting network, the global LED drive power supply market size will increase by $2013 in 2.948 billion to $2018 in 11.707 billion, the compound annual growth rate of 31.76%.
(2) technological progress and cost reduction is high speed development of endogenous power market
Relative to the LED lighting, a common incandescent lamp or fluorescent lamp etc traditional lighting to start slow, low emitting rate and short life, severe pollution and poor seismic faults. LED lighting industry development initial period, the cost and the price is much higher than traditional lighting source, become one of the main factors and its popularization. In recent years, with the continuous improvement of LED technology upgrading and technological level, LED drive power supply more mature in technology, has reached the lighting market demand, to provide users with stable, efficient and safe new lighting experience. Upstream chip, capacitor manufacturers at the same time, the production scale expands unceasingly, mainly as a decline in the cost of raw materials for the LED drive power product prices provided space, the future price will decline in general, gradually narrow the gap between price and traditional lighting. Technology progress and reduce the product prices will be contenders traditional lighting products and replacement.
Power semiconductor devices industry into one of the main barriers:
LED drive power as the core component of LED lighting lamps and lanterns, its quality and reliability directly affects the service life of LED lighting lamps and lanterns. Especially outdoor LED lighting lamps and lanterns, because of the need to deal with more complex, bad work environment, the production of LED drive power supply need to be strong research and development technical strength as a guarantee, if the lack of relevant technology and industry experience, will be difficult to guarantee the quality of products, industry potential entrants to the market segment has a longer precipitation technology and experience to enter the field. At the same time, with the rapid update demand of downstream LED lighting products, LED drive power supply industry also need to constantly develop new products, if the lack of experienced team of high quality high level professional and technical personnel, will be difficult to meet the market on the quality, efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection requirements.
Due to the importance of driving power supply in LED lighting, lighting industry downstream when choosing partners drive power supply usually require long-term observation, testing and running in will ultimately determine the suppliers, since then, the driving power supply manufacturers and whole machine factory to establish a stable relations of cooperation, in the industry enterprise generally rely on long-term accumulation and has stable and reliable customer base. This close relationship and long-term accumulation of reputation, also to be in the industry enterprises to form a barrier.
LED drive power supply as requirement of LED lighting lamps and lanterns, the product safety, stability, reliability and life have a significant impact to the terminal product function, so the product must pass through many aspects of environmental protection, energy saving, safety requirements, can be put on the market until they have obtained related safety certification. According to different countries and regions, sales market, LED drive power supply to obtain safety certification including North America UL certification, FCC certification; Europe CE, TUV certification or ENEC certification; Japan PSE certification; The south Korean market KC certification; Australia Australia certification. Strict product safety certification to become small and medium-sized enterprise and industry barriers to new entrants.
Huge speed up with the development of LED lighting market, LED drive power supply market also has a larger growth space, in recent years, more and more enterprises into the field of LED drive power supply. At present, with the improvement of the electronic equipment industry chain and the relatively low labor costs, China has become the main production base of the global LED drive power supply industry. Because of the different production technology and technical access level, low power and high power LED driver power supply market presents different competitive landscape.
1, small power LED drive power supply market competition situation
Small power LED drive power is low and stable working environment, the requirement of production technology and technical level is relatively low, and low cost of market entry. According to the data completely LED industry research institute, by the end of 2014, China has a certain scale of LED lighting driver power supply enterprise has more than 400, of which ninety percent drive power supply enterprises involved in LED indoor lighting power supply. Advantage to the constant expansion of the business capacity, and the downstream enterprise on the technical level, the response speed required to ascend, shrinking market space is of small power production enterprises, perfect competition market pattern has formed.
2, high-power LED driver power supply market competition situation
High-power LED drive power supply is mainly used in LED street light, tunnel light, technical level of the drive power, high reliability requirements, therefore, to enter the field of high technology threshold. At the same time, due to the high power LED lighting industry began to present the leapfrog development in 2009, belongs to the rise of industry in recent years, the development time is shorter, therefore, the current domestic can provide high reliability of high-power LED driver power supply enterprise quantity is less, market share is mainly concentrated in a small enterprise, however, as the expanding market capacity, and emerging enterprises gradually into the competition in the market will be increasing. In LED industry status of rising market situation, as the leading technical superiority of the development of LED drive power supply manufacturers, China's position in the global LED industry chain will continue to improve.

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