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The development trend of switch power supply

Writer:www.turnmax-tech.comSource:东莞市腾茂电子有限公司 Date:2016-10-29
Switching power supply products will be widely used. Green switching power supply product specific refers to significant power savings and not pollute the electricity network. Nodes and environmental requirements of the 21st century will bring a variety of intelligent switch power technology is widely used, the power supply structure from centralized to distributed development.
Small high frequency switching power supply and its technology has become the mainstream in the modern power system. Miniaturization, reduce the weight of the power supply for portable electronic devices (such as mobile phone, digital camera, etc.) are particularly important. Therefore, increase the power density of switch power supply and power conversion efficiency, make the miniaturization, lightweight, is people to constantly strive for goals. High-frequency soft switch technology, as one of the main technical means of the power miniaturization, in recent years is one of the hot topics in the study of international power electronics industry. In order to improve the reliability of the system, the whole machine manufacturers and components manufacturers cooperation development "user only" power module become a trend. And a machine is almost all hardware chip installed in the form of a module, there will be no traditional wire connected between the large number of components, to minimize the parasitic parameters, thus the power components and power devices under pressure to a minimum, as to enhance the system reliability.
Digital power supply will switch power supply of high efficiency combined with digital chip intelligent control, and using proper algorithm to adjust voltage and current. Digital power compared with analog power supply, digital correction of current detection error can be accurately, voltage detection more accurate; Can achieve rapid, flexible control design.
The future there will be more and more overall product manufacturers to outsource custom power supply business, using external excellent professional team to undertake the business, which focus on core business, to reduce costs, improve efficiency, enhance enterprise core competence and external link strain capacity. Under this trend, there will be more OEM/ODM manufacturer service as their own competitiveness.
Due to the overall product manufacturers are domestic large enterprises and multinational enterprises, to the multinational business and sales, as a result, power supply manufacturer in under the environment of competition, the quick response to the change of market demand and reduce operating costs, needs to have global operations management model, real-time, complete, at the lowest cost, flexible production and rapid delivery of the goods under the target of meet customer quality, price, delivery time and place for on demand. At the same time, the market price comparison analysis on a regular basis, to ensure their products in terms of performance and price advantage, actively participate in new product development, provide relevant support for the machine manufacturers.

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