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The LED driver power supply become the focus

Writer:www.turnmax-tech.comSource:东莞市腾茂电子有限公司 Date:2016-10-29
At present, the LED drive power of the input contains high pressure (mains), low voltage dc power frequency communication, high-voltage direct current, low voltage high frequency communication (such as the output of electronic transformer). And the output of the LED driver power supply are mostly can change along with the LED positive pressure drop values change voltage stable current source. Due to all kinds of different function and transformation of LED power supply power is different, so choose the suitable and efficient LED dedicated power supply, real talent show a LED light source characteristics of the highly effective.
Due to the low power LED drive power supply itself requires a lot of electricity demand, so in the process of LED power supply will not be able to highlight LED energy-saving features. Therefore, LED LED power supply in the work of the safe, energy-saving, full length, has an important effect.
What are the LED driver power supply classification? LED drive power supply method can be divided into two types, that is, voltage stability and constant current.
Regulating circuit decided that after all the parameters, the output is a fixed voltage, output current is follow the increase or decrease the changes of load, voltage regulator circuit though afraid of open load, but completely banned load short circuit, rectifier voltage changes will affect the brightness of the LED, to make every string in regulating circuit drive LED brightness uniformity, demand and appropriate resistance can.
But constant flow of LED drive power supply, circuit to drive the LED is very ambitious, defect is the price is higher, although not load short circuit, constant current circuit is prohibited thoroughly open load, constant current drive circuit of the output current is stable, and output dc voltage is follow the basis of load resistance is different in size must be change, to restrain the LED use number, because it has the biggest accept current and voltage value.
Second, LED power supply according to the circuit layout can be divided into six types:
1, practices the transformer step-down: strengths of this power supply is small volume, deficiency is component, power supply on the power is low, usually in 45% ~ 60%, due to the strong sex is not high, so usually have very little use.
2, capacitor step-down: this kind of method of simple affected by grid voltage shake LED power supply, power is low, should not be LED in flashing, due to the circuit through the capacitance step-down, gleaming in use, due to the effect of the charge and discharge, through the LED for current is great, easy damage the chip.
3, electronic transformer step-down: this kind of power supply layout deficiency is transform power is low, narrow voltage size, usually 180 ~ 240 v, corrugated big trouble.
4, resistance buck: this method of power supply power is very low, and the security of system is low. Due to the circuit through a resistor step-down, troubled by grid voltage change is bigger, not simply make it regulated power supply, and step-down resistance itself also cost a lot of some energy.
5, RCC step-down switch power supply, LED power supply advantages of the method is that the size compare with wide, high power match, usually in 70% ~ 80%, and is used more widely. Defect is mainly switch frequency is not easy to control, load voltage ripple coefficient is larger, abnormal situation load adaptability is poor.
6, PWM control switch power supply, the current, PWM control method of LED power supply is compare with ambitious, because this kind of switch power supply output voltage or current is very safe.

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