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The ultrasonic power adapter apart?

Writer:www.turnmax-tech.comSource:东莞市腾茂电子有限公司 Date:2016-10-28
Power adapter 12 v2a, 12 v3a adapter, power adapter, power adapter, 5 v2a 12 v1a adapter/charger, adapter, 12 v5a adapter, 19 v4. 5 a laptop adapter will occasionally encounter in our daily use of the power adapter, the adapter does not work, some users may directly buy new, some users may know some knowledge of circuit principle, directly for repair, but the power adapter that sells on the market at present is a lot of screws, but USES the ultrasonic bonding, so again in the process of dismantling is hard to disassemble, so tell you a few power adapter and dismantling method:
Power adapter from the top and bottom cover for injection molding assembly or use super glue, without any screw, so normally only use violence to crack. 
However, as long as the right way, adapter can recover completely after dismantling the same, don't watch carefully is almost can't see a trace of apart.
Place your power adapter lateral side on the white paper, with the electrician knife blade can cover the gap between up and down the power adapter, and then with a hammer percussion electrician knife knife back, make the electrician knife cuts into from the adapter between top and bottom cover. In different locations in the adapter cover the gap between up and down, with the electrician knife point along the crack lines, as part of a cover up and down after the first crack, the point, and gradually separate adapter cover up and down.
Then open the shell of the power adapter, you can see the adapter circuit are coated with copper shield, with box cutters cut open shield tape on paper, with a soldering iron unsolder shield connected to the internal circuit board two solder joints, namely the desirable under the shield.
Shielding layer between the circuit board and also a thicker layer of hard plastic, with a pen knife cut open, can see the "looks like" circuit board.

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