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A kind of power saving mode of LED drive power supply

Writer:www.turnmax-tech.comSource:东莞市腾茂电子有限公司 Date:2016-10-28
A kind of power saving mode of LED drive power supply
LED converter or LED drive and second function, as the name implies, operated on two different levels.
Whether 100% or reduce the value of the adjustable, for example, night mode, the connection of the LED lighting module can be sufficient lighting levels and more fuel-efficient lamp switch between, for example.
In this case, the LED driver power supply only need one by a relay to provide additional control signals, 230 with a timer switch, etc. Receives the drive signal, it will automatically reduce the lighting. By default, when TCI maxi jolly layer is reduced to 50%.
Control terminals on the second floor
Use double functions, only the phase must connect (see figure 1) with RED_ON/RED_OFF connections. Once closed shutter, in a relay, for example, in 230 and LED driven by control signal to adjust the lighting.
2 N LED converter originally in the narrow way, only when he receives the control signal, he drive power output is 100%, it is round, such as double levels of the other way.
Here, then, not contact is used as the model layer, special opening, it will break and RED_ON L/RED_OFF input connection between (see figure 1). It has the following characteristics is to reduce pattern is end, driver lighting is 100%.
Bi-level programming
May reduce the level of brightness level programming. There is a tension, for example, through the "level" create input resistance is between 1.5 V and 8 V. At 1.5 V, the drive to ensure 10% of the output power of 8 V it provides 80% of the output power. So, you can be reduced to between 10% and 80%, the brightness of lamps and lanterns, and independent factory Settings.
Application of callback at night
Far different levels of light, such as night reduced by lowering the working voltage of the lighting circuit implementation or shut down, this is achievable, simple now, while maintaining the infrastructure (with two switch line light source) is simple now.

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