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Constant current source driving method is one of the best LED driver

Writer:www.turnmax-tech.comSource:东莞市腾茂电子有限公司 Date:2016-10-28
Constant current source driving method is one of the best LED driver, selects the constant-current source drive, not in the output circuit in series current limiting resistor, LED on the flow of current is not affected by changes in the outside power supply voltage, temperature change, and the influence of LED parameter discreteness, thus can keep current stability, give full play to all kinds of excellent properties of leds.
Choose LED constant current power supply power to the LED lamps and lanterns, because in the power operation period current through the LED will automatically detect and control, therefore, need not worry at the moment of electricity has a high current through the LED power supply, also need not worry load short circuit burn out the power supply.
Because of the particularity of processing and manufacturing LED that is not the same as the produce of the factory and produce the same manufacturers in the same product in the produce of the LED current, voltage characteristics have great individual differences. When arrive after LED two head forward current 350 ma, after the end of the LED the increase of the forward voltage is very small, can make the LED forward current rise sharply, the LED temperature in a straight line, thus speeding up the LED light failure, the LED life spans shorter, serious and even LED burn out. Because the LED the particularity of voltage and current changes, thus to drive LEDLED power supply of the power supply put forward strict requirements.
Some manufacturers concern power driver board selects the electrolytic capacitor will influence power supply become old, yea, is actually a misunderstanding, for example: if choose 105 degrees, taking high temperature electrolytic capacitor for 8000 hours, according to the passage of the electrolytic capacitor stature estimation method "for every 10 degrees below, full double", so its a good job for 16000 hours in a 95 - degree environment, in a good job for 32000 hours in a 85 - degree environment, a good job in a 75 - degree environment for 64000 hours, if the practice operation temperature is lower, so life spans will be longer! It seems that only selects the high quality of driving power of electrolytic capacitor stature is no effect.

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