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The power adapter of fever

Writer:www.turnmax-tech.comSource:东莞市腾茂电子有限公司 Date:2016-10-28

In the high school physics, there is a law is a very good understanding, is called "ability of conservation", want to do much work, he must pay how much energy; How many energy output, how many power supply. Often hear a word is called, the conversion efficiency is impossible to reach 100%, and the ability of conservation of the same meaning. The efficiency be used in the power adapter, data reports, its best efficiency can reach 75% - 85%, the rest is consumed where to go? Speaking, everyone can guess, right, is a calorie, adapter output voltage, the switch is in the middle of the resistance may exist in the form of heat, so a lot of people were using the computer will often touch the adapter is very hot. The "hot" means that the switch power supply of components is high temperature resistant material. Speaking of component materials, for example, 60-70 w adapter using the computer is the high temperature resistant plastic encapsulation.



Power adapter manufacturer at design time, actually we are doing a lot of previous work want to have a mention of conversion efficiency, they often start from the heat source components. Again as long as the heating components low dissipation, internal did heat processing, and the cooling area is big, high efficiency or as much as possible. Such as more than 100 w switching power supply will add a cooling fan or cut holes in the shell heat dissipation. May no one has ever measured, it is said that the computer program to use more, high speed, the power adapter of the highest temperature can reach seventy degrees, so don't underestimate its heat dissipation, hurry up to let the computer open less software, or find a heat better place let computer work.

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