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Talk about electronic key light touch switch principle

The light touch switch is a kind of electronic switch, also known as button switch, which belongs to the micro current switch and is also an electronic component under modernization. It is often configured in low-voltage distribution network, electronic products and household appliances.
The operating principle of the light touch switch is actually similar to the operating principle of the ordinary button switch, which is composed of normally open contacts and normally closed contacts. One kind of switch can be connected by pressing the switch button gently when using. When releasing the hand, the switch is disconnected. The other is the function of the normally open contact, that is, when the pressure is applied to the normally open contact, the circuit will be on. When this pressure is removed, the original normally closed contact, known as disconnection, is restored. The pressure force is the action of turning on and off the buttons with our hands. In a word, the principle of the light touch switch is that you press on to conduct and break off.
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