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Car charger which is positive and negative, how to distinguish?


  I often see some friends leave messages in the background asking such a question: which is positive or negative for the car charger, how to distinguish? Today, tengmao company comes to popularize a little knowledge.

  The middle contact of automobile cigarette lighter is positive electrode and the outer contact is negative electrode. Automobile cigarette lighter base is also the middle contact positive electrode, the outer ring contact? As the cathode.

   The elastic head in the middle of the car charger is positive pole, and the two side buckle is negative pole. A cigarette lighter is a part of all cars that is used to make it easier for the owner to light up when he smokes. A cigarette lighter socket is an electronic device that, like a power outlet for a household, is plugged into a car's power supply and leads to multiple cigarette outlets. Cigarette lighter socket is very useful for car owners who use car electronic products frequently.

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