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Industry new trend of low voltage and large current mobile phone quick charging program inventory

Writer:en.turnmax-tech.comSource:TURNMAX Date:2017-06-11
In 2016, it can be seen as a year of fast charging mobile phones. The fast charging function is basically universal in the high-end models, and even some thousand thousand models are equipped. In the background of mobile phone battery capacity is not able to have a big breakthrough, fast charging function has become a very important point for consumers and manufacturers. The slogan of "charging X minutes, calling X hours" is sure that everyone's ears are cocoon. Simple charging power P= charging voltage of U * I charging current, so a little a bit further to observe it, will find the mainstream market of fast charging scheme into high voltage low voltage fast charge, fast charge two, QC2.0/QC3.0, MTK of the former Qualcomm PE+1.0/2.0, occupy a large part of the share, the latter by OPPO VOOC flash charging technology as the representative of a faction. However, at the end of 2016, low voltage, high current and fast charging seem to have gained the upper hand. Now we'll take stock of several low-voltage, high current and fast charging schemes that have been used or will soon be used.
1, VOOC OPPO flash charge
There is no doubt that OPPO is in the domestic well-known advertising push users for fast charging attention early in 2014 OPPO on its own flagship mobile phone Find 7 starting this fast charging technology, using the parallel form of charging current up to 4A~5A under 5V voltage, this technique requires the use of special flash charger, data line, the data line Micro end by 5 pin interface routine upgrade to 7 needles. The first generation VOOC flash charger output specifications for the 5V4.5A, and later introduced the volume almost half VOOC Mini flash charging charger output to 5V5A AK779 VOOC, the latest version of the charger is further adjusted to 5V4A, volume, efficiency and output reached a balance state. It can be said that OPPO has long been leading the domestic fast charging mobile camps with the advantage of VOOC flash charging. The drawback is that it is OPPO's exclusive fast charging technology. It has not yet been authorized to the third party parts manufacturers, resulting in the current user only official accessories. VOOC is equipped with the R series of OPPO and the high-end N series.
2, one plus (ONEPLUS) DASH flash charge
ONEPLUS is a brand of the people who aim at the quality of the product in the last two years. It is very popular among the people at home and abroad, such as the enthusiasts, the geeks and so on. A plus 3 and November 3T handset released in June used a fast charging technology called DASH flash. According to a person in charge of technology on social media to reply to users that DASH flash charging technology are authorized by the OPPO, so DASH flash charge is a low voltage high current scheme, also need to use special charger and data lines, standard charger specifications for the 5V4A, the MicroUSB interface is different from the VOOC flash charge data line, DASH flash charging data cable using Type-c interface, plug, user experience better support and double sides.
3, HUAWEI SuperCharge super fast charge
At the end of this year, HUAWEI released the blockbuster flagship Mate 9 mobile phone using a number of new technologies, including the SuperCharge super fast charging, charging process and mobile phone will continue to adjust the voltage and current real-time communication and to achieve faster charging and lower body temperature, ratio of Mate8 (9V2A) fast charging 50%, the body temperature is 5 degrees lower than S7 edge. SuperCharge fast charging also need special charger and data lines, different from the previous two is that it chose the bold USB interface contacts and wire core practices, Mate 9 original charger specifications for the 4.5V5A, because the listed time soon, there is no support for third party accessories.
4, Moto Turbo Power turbine fast charging
The old mobile phone manufacturers Motorola Qualcomm QC2.0 fast charge technology based on the launch of its Turbo Charge turbine fast charging technology, while in Moto this year (after the acquisition by Lenovo name) released Moto Z Series modular mobile phone equipped with a new generation of Turbo Power turbine fast charging technology, the Moto Z&Z Play two models support 5V3A (15W) fast charge, but also the strongest version of -Moto Z Force overseas sale, Moto Force Z standard Turbo Power 30 charger output specifications for 5V5.7A (28.5W), is the largest of a standard charger power.  According to the foreign media evaluation Turbo Power turbine fast charging compatible USB PD protocol, in order to withstand such a large current, the charger and charging line is one.
5, high pass Quick Charge 4 fast charging
In mid November of this year, Qualcomm in New York released the next generation mobile phone flagship processor Xiaolong 835, also announced the Quick Charge 4 fast charging technology, although did not disclose the detailed specifications in the official announcement, but after the charging head net learned: QC4 specifications one version will use the 5V/4.7A~5.6A and the 9V/3A the maximum transmission power, the 28W will be on the basis of the existing QC3.0 on the floor again. According to published the Ministry of 3C certification directory information, domestic mobile phone manufacturers LETV has not released a new machine will be equipped with 5V5A/8V3A charger, considering LETV with Qualcomm close cooperation, confirmed QC4 the practice of low-voltage fast charge and fast charge high voltage parallel line, which should be out of judgment for industry trends and the need to consider the past QC2.0/3.0 compatible.
6, Pump Express 3 fast charging
On the eve of the opening of ComputeX in Taipei in June this year, MediaTek released the latest generation of Pump Express 3 fast charging technology. The charging voltage can be adjusted in the range of 3V-6V with 10-20mV's step to get the best efficiency, and the highest charging current can exceed 5A. The first China fast charging technology seminar held in mid June, the first Pump Express 3 fast charger with the output specification of 5.8V6A (34.8W Max) was displayed.