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How to use the car charger correctly

Writer:en.turnmax-tech.comSource:东莞市腾茂电子有限公司 Date:2017-07-12
With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the continuous development of the economy, with a car is no longer what is difficult, but after buying a car will face a series of problems. Now with the development of intelligent, car and mobile phone more and more close, and some cars can even support the direct control of mobile phones. Many owners are accustomed to using car chargers in the car, but you may not think, car charger there will be a major security risk.
Here we give you about the popular principle of car charger, car charger is the car cigarette lighter 12V voltage into 5V USB voltage and charge the digital product through the charging cable. This is a small power consumption, the operation is also simple and convenient, the key is the price is also cheaper.
Car Charger Category: Car charger on the market according to the different types can be divided into: general-purpose car charger and inverter charger, general-purpose car charger is low output (5V / 9V, etc.), only for mobile phones, flat, digital Products can be charged; inverter charger can be DC12V / 24V DC into AC110 / 220V or even higher AC, notebook computers, mobile phones, navigators and other products to charge, the use of a wide range. Obviously, in most cases, we only need to give mobile phones, tablet PCs, digital products such as charging, so the general car charger can meet the demand. And compared to 220V inverter output, general car charger more secure, the use of more at ease.
So the question came, how to use the car charger in the daily attention to what matters?
First, do not insert before the start of the car, so as to avoid the vehicle when the voltage damage to the car charger; Secondly, do not use chemicals, cleaning agents to clean the car charger, this approach is very dangerous; in the use of the process, Be careful not to enter the water or prolonged when not exposed to the humid air; Finally, after the vehicle is turned off the car charger should be unplugged. In the summer thunderstorms and high temperature weather, you should suspend the use of car charger.
It is important to pay attention to whether it has overload protection when selling a car charger. Because once the overload has no protection of the case, the charger life will decline, but also greatly increase the risk of risk. Moreover, it is the material is not to make a safe fire APS material. If the car charger is not up to standard, in the car ignition moment is easy to be strong current breakdown. Coupled with low-grade car charger flame retardancy is poor, when the components failure, can not limit the flame inside the shell, and because the interior decoration is mainly leather, plastic and textile and other flammable products, car charger spontaneous combustion may lead to the whole The car was ignited. Second, in the choice of car charger, try to choose the output current of 1A or more products, or may be used in the process of charging can not keep up with consumption, resulting in more filling the less case. So, we want to buy regular manufacturers through the certification of the product, do not buy and use three no product, otherwise out of the quality of complaints no problem. In particular, can not seek cheap to buy 20 dollars below the brand, the current domestic mainstream brand car charger price of more than 20-100 yuan, when buying, remember to buy the logo marked with Chinese licensed.
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