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Car super fast charge technology: charge 5 minutes to run 480 km

There are already more and more smart phones began to support fast charging technology, greatly improving the efficiency of use.
And for the battery capacity of the electric car, the fast charge is the urgent needs.
An Israeli company named StoreDot has recently announced the successful development of a car super charging technology that includes battery packs and dedicated charging piles.
The show shows that StoreDot's super charging technology can add up to 480 kilometers of electricity for electric vehicles in five minutes, which is almost the same as a time when traditional cars fill a box of oil.
StoreDot CEO Doron Myersdorf pointed out that the battery used in the super charging technology uses a lot of innovative design, the company developed a new technology - multifunction electrode (multifunction electrode, MFE).
MFE uses conductive polymers and metal oxides as battery materials. The former allows the battery to receive fast charge, while the latter is used to quickly converge the lithium ions into the electrode. This fast and slow two processes not only ensure the speed of charging, but also to avoid the electrode collapse or short life.
In addition, StoreDot's fast rechargeable battery has been modified for all components of traditional lithium batteries, including positive, negative, and battery diaphragms, so that they can accommodate the needs of extreme charge.
Doron Myersdorf stressed that this fast-charge battery internal resistance is very small, the heat generated during the charging process is very small, its life is about three times the ordinary lithium battery.
Of course, for consumers, it is too lazy to control your battery internal use of what new technology, more people are more concerned about the price.
In this regard, Doron Myersdorf said the cost of fast rechargeable batteries will be 20% -30% higher than the lithium battery, but because of longer life, so the stall will be cheaper than the use of lithium batteries.
As planned, StoreDot plans to launch the prototype of the super charging system in 2016 and strive to achieve commercialization in 2017.
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