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Lightning surge test method for switching power supply adapter

Writer:www.turnmax-tech.comSource:www.turnmax-tech.com Date:2016-04-22

The switching power supply adapter lightning surge immunity test standard for GB/T17626.5, China produced two version in 1999 and 2008, respectively, and the international standard IEC61000-4-5:1995 and IEC61000-4-5:2001 equal. Because the majority of domestic products have not yet been amended, so the current GB/T17626.5-1999 and GB/T17626.5-2008 two standards in the country is the coexistence of.

Lightning is a natural phenomenon is extremely common, according to statistics, around the world more than 40000 thunderstorm center, every day there are 800 million lightning, which means about 100 times of lightning on earth per second. Therefore, the lightning surge test of the switching power supply adapter can establish a common basis for the assessment of the switching power supply in the high energy pulse interference.

The standard mainly simulates the indirect lightning (switching power supply usually cannot withstand direct lightning), such as:
1 lightning outdoor grid lines, a large number of current flowing into the external circuit or grounding resistance, resulting in interference voltage;
2 indirect lightning (such as clouds or clouds of lightning) in the external power line induced voltage and current pulse;
3. The thunder hit line nearby objects, built around the powerful electromagnetic field, in the external circuit induction voltage; lightning struck the ground near, current public grounding system through the introduction of interference.
The surge immunity test standard of the power adapter simulates the lightning strike in nature, but also refers to the interference caused by the switching action, such as the switching action:
Interference when switching between 1 main power supply systems;
2 the same power, interference in some small switch near the switching power supply adapter near the beats;
The thyristor switching circuit with 3 resonant pipe device;
4 kinds of fault system, such as equipment grounding network or short-circuit grounding system and arcing fault.
1 lightning surge immunity test method:
(1) according to the test of practical use and installation conditions of layout and configuration, including some standard changes reflect the additional resistance of waveform signal generator source resistance.
(2) according to the product requirements to determine the level of test voltage and test site.
(3) in each selected test site, the positive and negative of the interference of at least 5 times, each surge of the maximum repetition rate of 1 times /min. Because most of the protection devices used in the system to have a recovery period between the two surge, so the equipment in the lightning surge test there is a maximum repetition rate of the problem.
(4) if the surge wave injection should be synchronized with the input voltage of the switching power supply adapter. If no special requirements, normally on the switching power supply adapter voltage waveform of zero and positive and negative peak position signal superimposed on the lightning surge.
(5) considering the measured equipment voltage to current conversion characteristics of the nonlinear, voltage test should be gradually increased to the provisions of the standard product value, to avoid test illusion (in high voltage test, because of the measuring device may have a weak breakdown, bypass the test voltage, resulting in test can be through. However, in the low voltage test device, due to the weak breakdown is not, so the test voltage to the voltage to the whole test equipment, but not through the test).
(6) the lightning surge signal to be added between Online - line or line. If you want to be a line test, and no special provisions, the test voltage to turn between each line and. But it should be noted that: in line - to - ground test, sometimes standards will interference while superimposing the two or a plurality of lines of the, when the pulse duration allows reduced.
(7) the test may be destructive, so never make the test voltage exceeds the specified value.
2 lightning surge immunity test grade:
The severity level of the test is divided into 1, 2, 3, 4 and X. Power line differential mode test of the 1 parameters did not give, and the rest are 0.5kV, 1kV, 2kV, and to be determined. All levels of the power line common mode test parameters are 0.5kV, 1kV, 2kV, 4kV and to be determined.
The severity level of the test depends on the environment (environmental) and the installation conditions, generally classified as follows. +++++
Level 1: better protected environment, such as plant or power plant control room.
Level 2: there is a certain degree of protection of the environment, such as the strong interference of the factory.
Level 3: ordinary electromagnetic environment, the equipment does not require special installation requirements, such as the general installation of the cable network, the industrial work place and the substation.
4: severely harassed environment, such as civil overhead lines, without the protection of the high voltage substation.
X: special level, determined by the user and the manufacturer after consultation.
Switching power adapter EMC test, lightning surge test rating is: line - line between the 2, the line - to ground level is 3.
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