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Smart phone penetration will be greatly improved, is expected to pull the phone lithium battery needs

Writer:en.turnmax-tech.comSource:东莞市腾茂电子有限公司 Date:2017-07-12
Smart phones since the emergence of a short period of time quickly swept the world. According to the Japanese market research firm Seedplanning recently released the global smart phone market size survey report, by the end of 2016, the global penetration rate of smart phones will reach 49%. Affected by this, mobile phone lithium battery demand will also be effectively improved.
    It is understood that the survey of 15 domestic smart phone manufacturers in Japan and its market share of the in-depth investigation and analysis, and the world's major countries and regions of the popularity of smart phones trends, trends were summarized, the above conclusions. According to the relevant data, last year the global popularity of smart phones reached 800 million 7200. Seedplanning predicts that with the rapid expansion of smartphones in the global electronics market, by the end of 2016, the popularity will increase to 3.746 billion, with a population penetration rate of 49%. Forecast further pointed out that the year 2016 smartphone sales will reach 1.2 billion.
    Smart phones will continue to promote the global best-selling global mobile phone lithium battery needs. It is understood that a smart phone generally use a cell. As mobile phone users usually give each phone is equipped with two lithium-ion battery, then if only the popularity of mobile phones amounted to 3.74 billion, mobile phone lithium battery demand at least twice as many times. By then, mobile phone lithium battery will present a huge market. In addition, the smart phone battery capacity than traditional non-smart phones to several times higher, therefore, will also effectively pull the relevant battery material market demand.
    In China, the current penetration rate of smart phones in China is also rising. World Telecommunication Industry Association GSMA Association, a survey report shows that China's youth mobile phone penetration rate has reached 48.9%, nearly half of Chinese young people have mobile phones. And China as a mobile phone consumer, the next few years the smart phone market is also considerable.
    At present, many domestic battery manufacturers have fancy the smart phone market, and began to adjust the structure of lithium battery products to further capture the smart phone market share of lithium batteries. Among them, Desai battery has been successfully entered the Apple mobile phone lithium battery supply chain. And Scuds and other battery manufacturers are also struggling to compete for smart phone lithium battery market.
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