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Global semiconductor industry Warring States period

Source:台湾远见杂志6月号 Date:2017-07-11
Cross-strait semiconductor industry car fight, when the other side of the government support the huge support, a huge market power, so that the semiconductor industry into the golden age of brutal growth; when the market, time, money, and even talent is not standing on Taiwan side, Taiwan , The two leading companies, to fight against the whole of the Chinese government.
As Dickens "Tale of Two Cities" opening remarks: This is the best of times, but also the worst of times. For Taiwan's technology industry, the national treasure semiconductor industry, is now in such an awkward moment.
The best moment is that Taiwan's overall semiconductor output value of up to 2.2 trillion dollars in 2014, a record high growth rate of nearly 17%, for several years with tiny island posture, in the global semiconductor industry position to sit one, beyond Japan and South Korea, only lost to the United States. But Taiwan's semiconductor industry are happy people are not up. Because at the same time, the crisis has quietly come.
April 21 this year, Taiwan held annual annual meeting of the semiconductor, the elders all look serious, taut nerves. As early as a few days ago, re-elected chairman of the Taiwan Semiconductor Association, Yu Chong, chairman of the board, gave nearly 10 peer friends out of the job, asked to prepare a briefing file, each said 7 minutes, the theme is: Taiwan's semiconductor advantages , Shortcomings, and how to face competition?
Victory or defeat in the 3-5 years
Lu Chaoqun first to speak, Taiwan Semiconductor in the end can continue to red up, or will put the hands of gold hand over, now is the key moment, "should find ways to attract talent from all over the world, rather than let the brain drain.
"I see wafer foundry left 5 years, IC design left 3 years," there is "founder of the godfather," said Zhonglei chairman Wang Bo Yuan directed.
UMC CEO Yan Bowen also said that the mainland to the semiconductor industry as a defense industry, "This is not the industry and the industry competition, which is probably the country and the competition between the country."
Former president of the National Chiao Tung University Wu heavy rain is directed at, is the outbreak of "talent quiet crisis." In particular, the number of applicants is even less than the number of places, not to mention the people who have come to attend the formal report.
Wang Hong general manager Lu Zhiyuan analysis, if your technology can only eat the mainland market, it was eaten, there are two other international market, is a world-class manufacturers to eat business.
Originally behind Taiwan, do not constitute a threat to the mainland, began to foster the semiconductor industry. From 2013 onwards, the official color of the Tsinghua Unisplendour Group, the two mainland mainland IC design company R & D, Ruitike acquisition, ready to work together, and then the world's largest semiconductor company Intel (Intel) holding $ 1.5 billion shares Tsinghua Unisplendour, shock the market.
Lu Shang strong acquisition shock market
In 2014, the mainland Central issued the "National Integrated Circuit Industry Development Promotion Program", launched 120 billion yuan investment in large funds, and led the local government plus 30 billion to 50 billion yuan of small funds, plus private capital, is expected to The total amount of investment 1.2 trillion yuan (6 trillion Taiwan dollars).
A pile of ho ho daughter of the acquisition of the case, people dizzying to give. The world's fourth largest semiconductor packaging and testing plant Star Branch Jin Peng, well-known optical image sensor chip giant Hao Wei (Omnivision), memory chip plant silicon into (ISSI), HP's three communications, all under the command of the land acquisition.
In the next 10 years, the mainland's semiconductor industry grows, will definitely go beyond the rest of the world, "and not only 10 years, an investment is not a return to the United States," said Wang Duan, vice president of Gartner, the largest wafer manufacturer in mainland China. Road! "Only, more than a decade has been the development of the semiconductor industry is not smooth, why actively aim at the semiconductor,
Mainland China's annual imports of more than 200 billion US dollars of semiconductor, beyond the oil, the largest into the super-project, huge imports accounted for 70% of the global semiconductor market. Compared to the mainland semiconductor chip self-sufficiency rate is less than two percent, low to scary.
Coupled with the 2010 Snoopen incident exposed the crisis, leaving the mainland official uneasy, that the development of core electronic products semiconductor chip related to national security, is imperative.
Taiwan three wins and two defeats a tie
The semiconductor industry can be divided into three blocks, IC chip design, semiconductor manufacturing (including foundry, memory manufacturing) and semiconductor packaging and testing.
Cross-strait control, the results of Taiwan worries. The mainland semiconductor industry has been armed forces, soldiers under the city. Absolutely not the Taiwan semiconductor industry is not disappointing, but the growth of the mainland sharp, since 2010, the overall annual growth rate of 20%, especially in the IC design field, more up to three percent growth.
Shock 1.IC chip design: the mainland's output value close to Taiwan
The continent is the most rapid progress, non-IC design is none other, because there is no need for large capital, equipment, plant, relying on powerful engineering talent will be able to hold up.
From the ten years ago, almost no name of the company, to the strength of the strongest, Huawei's Haisi, not only to develop their own high-threshold high-end mobile phone communications chip for Huawei to use, more revenue than Taiwan's first Two of the Wing Wing, and soon reached the size of half of MediaTek.
Once made MediaTek 2G era to suffer a "big rival" Spreadtrum, revenue also with Taiwan's third IC design company matched. Recently also emerge a Datong Semiconductor's core, because with the millet cooperation, big head.
Mainland several top ten IC design company, also have a breakthrough point. For example, Rockchip eat the world's largest MP3, chip market, Georgia Branch micro-chip CMOS image sensor chip.
Mainland IC design company mushroomed to create, as many as 700, although good and bad, the standard is far worse, but because the market is huge, low-end chip can also find buyers. The overall IC design industry output value close to Taiwan, and even may also be on this year with Taiwan on an equal footing, or even beyond.
In contrast, Taiwan, by MediaTek a single support the overall situation in 2014, China Unicom Branch revenue broke 210 billion Taiwan dollars, before the world's largest mobile phone chip Qualcomm to be chased, after taking into account the rise of land factory. So far, not only Taiwan manufacturers no one to catch up, it is more to an enemy 10, the mainland top ten IC design company revenue plus, in order to be a host of MediaTek.
Shocked 2. Semiconductor IC packaging and testing: the world's fourth largest company in China
In the semiconductor packaging test, because the mainland statistical output value included in the local foreign investment, the overall output value seems to have exceeded Taiwan, but ITRI IEK system IC and process research manager Pengmao Rong estimated that "about 70% of foreign investment, only three percent native land.
Look at Taiwan, with two major semiconductor packaging and testing companies: the world's first moonlight, the third largest silicon products. (ASE), to absorb the majority of Apple orders, silicon products are also actively arranged in the high-end packaging, operations are called a smooth upward. However, most industry insiders are worried that the field of packaging and testing because of the relatively low threshold of technology, will be the future of the two sides fighting the most intense areas.
In particular, the end of last year, the mainland launched the official investment in the "big fund" to help the first major packaging and testing plant in Jiangsu long power technology to snack big acquisition of Singapore packaging and testing giant Star Branch Jin Peng, although the short term two companies for culture Integration, reorganization, will let the Taiwan plant to get some transfer single benefits, but the long term, this acquisition, not only to long jump the world's fourth largest packaging and testing plant, technology to a higher level, but also quickly into the original difficult to fight Into the European and American markets, many analysts believe that the Taiwan plant "short and long empty."
How long can TSMC win?
Shocked 3. Semiconductor manufacturing industry: TSMC dominate but there are worries
In the semiconductor manufacturing sector, Taiwan's most powerful is the "foundry", the overall output value of nearly NT dollars, close to half of the entire semiconductor industry in Taiwan, the mainland several times, is currently the only field ahead of the odds.
Among them, TSMC in 2014 revenue of up to 768.8 billion Taiwan dollars, profit 263.9 billion Taiwan dollars, both hit a record high, continue to reelection Taiwan's most profitable companies in the global wafer foundry market share of five percent, high The world's first, has also been the largest stock market value of the enterprise.
In today's most advanced 14/16 nanometer process, the only ability to compete with TSMC only the United States, Intel, South Korea's Samsung. If you take the mainland's largest wafer foundry, the annual revenue of about 60 billion Taiwan dollars in the SMIC, the scale is not only 12 times the value of TSMC, TSMC profit is more than 70 times the SMIC.
Victories of the plot of TSMC, not did not feel the pressure from the mainland. Mainland customers more and more, the proportion of revenue increased to 8%, coupled with the European and American IC design customers of the chip, a large part of the mainland is sold to the mobile phone or electronics manufacturers, have made TSMC several times since last year, "Positive assessment of the benefits and shortcomings of a 12-inch fab to the mainland."
Recapture the world's second largest foundry throne UMC, has been the first landing, and Fujian and Xiamen government joint venture in the mainland to build 12-inch fab, the second half of next year, the official production. Will go so positive, because UMC faster than the face of the threat of plot factory, the number one competitor SMIC has announced that the end of next year 28 nanometer monthly production capacity will reach 35,000, may exceed UMC. If the technical, operational, settlement, capital, market, talent, six comprehensive assessment of cross-strait semiconductor strength, Taiwan record three wins, two defeats, a tie.
In terms of technology, operation and settlement, Taiwan still has advantages. However, the mainland market, abundant funds, but far from Taiwan can match. ZTE ZTE consumer terminal strategy vice president Lu Qian Hao mentioned that Taiwan is the most powerful technology (technology), the mainland is the strongest market.
On the "market", the mainland market last year bought more than 400 million smart phones, the world's top ten smart phone factory ranked six are Lu Shang; not to mention the money, the mainland official ho throw daughter, to cultivate the semiconductor industry.
Even if the current cross-strait "tied" talent, Taiwan is also facing a great crisis, the industry has felt the mainland to grab talented magnetic attraction.
From the MediaTek high-level fought mainland IC design company Spreadtrum, as senior vice president of Yuan Diwen, is the epitome of Taiwan's outstanding brain drain. According to legend, Huawei's Haisi, there are more than Taiwanese engineering talent, SMIC is now more than 100 executives in charge of Taiwanese.
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