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LED driver power manufacturers to teach you how to buy power

Writer:www.turnmax-tech.comSource:www.turnmax-tech.com Date:2016-04-22

At present, many LED lamps are required to use the LED power supply. The normal operation and the quality and life of LED power supply will directly affect the LED lamp. There are many varieties of power market, the quality is uneven residual. LED power supply manufacturers suggest that you should pay attention to the following matters in the purchase:

1 to select the required compliance with the safety and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) certification.

2 protection function: over voltage protection (OVP), over temperature protection (OTP), over load protection (OLP), etc..

3 special features: power factor correction (PFC), non power off (UPS).

4 application functions: signal function (power good, POWER FAIL), remote control function, telemetry function, parallel function, etc..

5.The 30% output power rating model. For example, if the system needs a 100W power, it is recommended that selected more than 130W output rated power of the aircraft, and so on can effectively improve the service life of the LED power supply.

6.The working environment temperature of LED power supply, and there is no additional auxiliary heat dissipation LED lamp, in the high temperature LED power supply required to reduce the amount of output.

In addition, if you want to choose is LED dimming power supply or LED waterproof power, it must pay attention to specific parameters.

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