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"The Internet of things" confusing?

Writer:www.turnmax-tech.comSource:TURNMAX Date:2017-01-09

The "Internet of things" is the most puzzling trend in the world? On the one hand, all of the forecasts said: tens of billions of devices will soon connect, trillions of economic value will be created; on the other hand, most consumers feel these expensive small things: it is best to have, but did not you can; as a technology trend, its development speed is too slow, it seems only a little progress every year. The reason for the confusion is partly caused by "semantics". Although these new equipment is indeed a part of things, but the definition of things is not only connected with the desktop, notebook computer and intelligent mobile phone, but connecting all of the hardware, this is a more extensive and in-depth trend throughout the consumer, enterprise application and industry space. Fundamentally speaking, the Internet is about converting a string of numbers of data objects into any process, once you give something with the sensor, it will be like any digital product that works: dosage, location and status data can be issued; tracking, control, personalized and remote upgrade; when combined with large the data and AI, it can also become more intelligent and predictive and collaborative work, even in some cases can work independently. We are going to do things a panoramic view of the 2016 version update: 2013, we are trying to understand things "rationality"; by the end of 2014, Internet rapid development; in 2016, we will continue to hold great expectations for it, but also need to recognize that this trend also need to start for several years, there may be dozens of years. The current position of the Internet of things in place today, the basic is in 1999 when the Internet or mobile phones in the year of 2007. In 1999, the Internet has showed a lot of greatness, such as Google and Amazon have developed like a raging fire, but then the Internet experience is often frustrating: how do not have dial-up; or is a terrible unknown, the bank information input to the website, are you kidding? Also, the mobile phone industry has been made in many of the key in 2007, such as smaller shape, can connect to the Internet through the WAP site, or even the first generation of iPhone has been released, but at that time, it is difficult to imagine now the intelligent mobile phone revolution. Today's Internet of things in such a turning point: the future has been shown, but the distribution is not uniform. From wearable, AR/VR headsets to networked home / factory, UAV, automatic driving and intelligent city, a new world and computing model before us is emerging, but there is a patchy distribution, but is not pretty, not good. What needs to be changed for so long, there are two types of reasons that slow the development of the Internet of things. First, the simple "immature ecosystem" problem. An important aspect of the vision of the Internet of things, is not only the equipment can be connected to the Internet, but also the equipment and equipment can be seamlessly connected, but as of now, equipment "interoperability" largely does not exist, there are too many difficulties including standard, not enough for a agree; other the problem also includes things connected to the Internet is incredibly difficult, especially in the industrial environment (such as high temperature and humid environment, where no mobile phone signal is not WiFi or away from the city center); many large data related issues need to be resolved, including how to deal with the data, how to reduce the amount of data transmission in sensor cloud at the local level or network (which called the "cloud computing", or an early concept), it is unclear whether the existing data infrastructure can withstand a large number of network objects by creating According to; security and privacy are important and fundamental, many enterprises just bring trouble to understand the data may, over time, they will put these things mentioned in schedule priorities; with the UAV and unmanned vehicle, also need to re adapt to the laws and regulations. In this regard, Prudential regulators can be understood. All of these problems can be solved, but it takes time to find a solution. Second, the Internet of things and the Internet is different, it is not only related to software and hardware. The Internet on the Internet to create a new world when encountered "friction coefficient" rarely, because it is almost only and software to deal with, but the Internet of things to hardware, and hardware has two iron physical objects must follow: distance and time. The hardware problem in the past 2-3 years, many new Internet entrepreneurs and VC had to learn to / re learn one thing: to make a good hardware products require a long time: hardware and software product iteration speed can not ratio; hardware products not the so-called "minimization scheme" or "come first. Say"; once the product shipped into the manufacturing link, did not go back; any design mistakes can lead to a delay of several months; at least, I and the field of entrepreneurs and VC are based on the conversation, a networking start-up companies spend an average of 18-24 months is very solid, to the actual delivery the first product (where the data is mainly based on my impression, not accurate data). And no matter how hard the shipping process, this is only the first step in the battle, the distribution problem attendant. Internet sales are great, but you have to deal with retailers, which may also take you another 1-2 years, in order to truly multi-channel distribution and the establishment of a large number of sales. And all this also affects the price: because of the cost of various hardware components and profit margins from the retailer, the Internet of things startups difficult to price the product to be very cheap, which also slow down the appetite of consumers. 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