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The power adapter in normal use, belongs to the normal temperature?

Writer:www.turnmax-tech.comSource:东莞市腾茂电子有限公司 Date:2017-01-09
The rise of temperature of the power adapter and charger, power supply itself is a very important parameter index. The following MAO about the temperature of the power supply problem.
The first: the power adapter fever:
Power adapter in to convert the voltage, the part of the energy loss, which in addition to a small part in the form of wave loss, much took the form of heat. The greater the power of the power adapter, loss of energy is, the more the greater the power of calorific value.
Second: the power adapter in normal use, how many belong to the normal surface temperature?
Power adapter in the development stage, there will be various parameters performance test evaluation. The temperature is one of them. In general, the surface of the power adapter will control within 30-35 ℃ temperature. As is known to all, the power adapter is used indoors, the indoor temperature in general will not exceed 40 ℃, the highest normal is around 25 ℃. So even if the top 40 ℃, power adapter shell temperature is within 75 ℃. Shell heat resistance at 100 ℃, and the nameplate stickers heat resistance at about 80 ℃. So 75 ℃ is almost limit value. In fact, as long as the temperature of the power adapter is within the scope of the design, that is to say, the temperature in the normal range, usually there won't be dangerous!
Third: power adapter heating solution
Power adapter fever is inevitable, but you can speed up its heat to prevent its temperature rising.
1, when used in high temperature environment, should place the power adapter in from the sun and ventilated place;
2, create a good thermal environment, the power adapter in place from the sun and the location of the leak.

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