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Car charger mobile phone battery, not car charger (why don't rush into it

Writer:www.turnmax-tech.comSource:东莞市腾茂电子有限公司 Date:2017-01-09


The car charger mobile phone battery, not car charger (why don't rush into, for I phone heavily rely on patients, when battery power less than 50% and happen to be going out at this time, heart is uneasy. Often appear in my life the following scene: while driving while using a navigation with the original USB interface for charging the mobile phone, on arrival, pull the cable phone prompt "electricity shortage"... Friend, now if you like me despair? It doesn't matter, a good car charger can solve this difficult problem.
Why the original car with USB interface also want to buy car charger?
Most new cars are now match the original USB port, but the speed of charging basic as slow as the USB port on the computer, mobile phone still can barely cope with, if the filling, the power of the tablet such equipment is not
Actually the article at the beginning of this embarrassing situation is not uncommon, the car charger mobile phone battery, not believe that a lot of friends have met such a problem. In general, this kind of situation because the USB electric current is too small. Here actually has A myth, some in the car when the design of USB interface is as audio data transmission and manufacturing, so only about 0.5 A USB current (about 5 v voltage), although on phones have charging reaction, but often charge slower, in side by side rechargeable battery power even when there will be A "living beyond its means", so to buy extra charge on A cigarette lighter head is very be necessary.
Car charger how to choose and buy car charger
For the choice of car charger is also learned a lot of friends in the electrical business shopping are a bit "according to the price down from the" habit, but for car charger, can't pursue cheap!
A qualified charger for many, the most important of these is a circuit overload protection, because in the case of short circuit, it can charge the battery immediately cut off the power to prevent the damage of equipment and power. And in order to save cost, a few small factory in the production of car charger when simply Jane with the "insurance". At the same time, some unqualified car charger can not be regulated, steady flow fluctuation, it is easy to cause the charging equipment and the charger fever, has certain influence on mobile phone, security.
The car charger mobile phone battery, not car charger (why don't rush into, car charger, seemingly a small objects, there are many areas we need to pay attention to. Choose a suitable car charger, can significantly improve mobile phone charging speed, while filling out electrical things won't happen.
Remember must buy normal manufacturer to sell products, otherwise the quality problem of recourse, is too late to regret.

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