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Intelligent platooninsert know how much? Teach you how to choose the right smart strip

Writer:www.turnmax-tech.comSource:东莞市腾茂电子有限公司 Date:2016-12-14

The original title: intelligent platooninsert know how much? Teach you how to choose the right smart strip


Intelligent platooninsert know how much? Teach you how to choose the right smart strip
We use more and more intelligent devices, life become convenient, line at the same time also more and more, when using platooninsert encountered many problems, such as the plug is too crowded, socket is not compatible, current damage equipment, safety hidden trouble, life is too short, and so on, although is not big problem, the key moment is very affect the mood isn't? So, platooninsert here to tell you about the new knowledge, fix these problems.
Due to the rapid popularity of smart devices, many manufacturers introduced a new quick platooninsert, this kind of strip, in addition to the traditional outlets, and USB charging port, the big trend, this kind of new intelligent platooninsert will enter homes, refresh our at the foot of the lug plate and strip is big, children's shoes, for The Times of the wind general cheers!!!!
There are children's shoes will ask, add a USB charging port is intelligent strip? That any electrical appliance add a USB is not difficult, so be smart? Small make up responsibly tell you, of course not! USB interface built-in smart ID chip, can automatically adapt to the current access equipment, intelligent to protect the safety of the electricity to plug, can be called intelligent strip. That is to say, no matter you are tablet, phone, or other equipment, all the fingerprint of the input, a plug-in, you know your current size, it can be called intelligent platooninsert!
New gadget is one of the most confusing, now in the market of smart platooninsert brand, here to share the choose and buy first intelligence platooninsert 3 tips.
Intelligent platooninsert, must be safety first
Platooninsert, in the end, intelligence is for smart devices, intelligent devices and delicate, unlike previous home appliance hittable, give power, robustness to safety first, can identify the USB interface to access devices, current adaptive equipment, matching the best power output, the output current to a size is appropriate, or to phone tablet of current, affirmation is excessive, mobile phone recharge tablet of current, it is my! In addition also have overload protection device, which can automatically when large current to power outages, equipment safety, more important is security.
Inside and outside material meet the sincerity, appearance level power always bear
Second, good platooninsert, appearance of the material will need to be fastidious, the preferred is pure white PC material shell, is not just looking at clean, resistance to burning, never got reason, got it broke resistance, withstand hit, got to the tide, to withstand time, never fade; Internal material is sincerity, usually adopt phosphor copper, because the conductivity of phosphor copper is strong, good elasticity, the heaviest if heat-resistant, service life is longer, it will have to is a shimmering king kong gourd doll!
Have a certification of plug are good plug
Before buying platooninsert, can choose as far as possible with a ground plug, which is what we call the gb five holes, but this is a generation platooninsert, intelligent strip is gb and USB jack has five hole, when the choose and buy, there is a small skills can quickly identify whether intelligent strip to standard for safety reasons, it is the certification mark, have 3 c certification can rest assured, if the shell through the eu RoHS environmental protection authentication, then is to use a new PC material, safe level is very high, more will be a problem!
So intelligent strip break, cow that so many brands on the market, how to choose? The following will give you a small count:
Millet lug plate, design look good, cable should be more than copper, more soft, button is a bit low, instant play, the USB output current sound obvious, let a person is not very comfortable, did not dare to machine a try with love, recommend careful.
The bull is an ox demon king the lug plate, in the field of traditional platooninsert, of course, is the first choice, but smart platooninsert since is the USB output power is given priority to, the bulls will also forget it, not the technology accumulation, honestly do traditional platooninsert forget it.
Other philips, Siemens, schneider brand platooninsert, technology is strong, is to give us the best product, the price is not people, or too ugly, does not conform to our the traditional pursuit of superior quality and competitive price.
Look, two days before the accident found that started with mobile power supply of the 3 c product wins the do brand also introduced a smart platooninsert, digital friends should know the product is not all strange wins, wins and invented the mobile power supply, still occupy a large market share, its small current charging technology, overload protection technology is mature, reliable, it is intelligent platooninsert core technology from the traditional platooninsert, if you don't want to because of immature USB charging technology, let you of the intelligence equipment life by half, advised to choose a product - intelligent platooninsert, small make up now to start a, later will give experience report!

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