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Salary and welfare
Salaries:  Company pays for the employees based on the performance and ability of them. TurnMax encourage and support each employee to have development and promotion, which let each employee get the greatest value in return.
Welfare:  TurnMax provides legal benefits and competitive enterprise benefits, including paid vacation, internal training and staff activities, etc
Incentive benefits:  TurnMax give the great rewards to employees who have great contribution to the company in recommending the talents and in the patent invention employees.
Talents Cultivation
New employee orientation: Guiding new employees to know the company and having a one-on-one mentor training system makes every new employee experience the atmosphere of the team and cooperation culture.
On-the-job training:  TurnMax organizes various forms of training programs annually, such as special training, lectures and seminars, etc.; Our company sends staff to participate in various external professional/business/management course of study.
Staff training: Talent cultivation strategy, pre-job training program, on-the-job training, job rotation exercise, degree upgrade and going abroad to have a further study i
Promotion channel:
Company in principle of the ability to priority and the fair competition provides the perfect, and the competitive promotion channel to the employees.
TurnMax has the way of the technical line and the managing line. Employees can make a development with it. Our company will provide the challenging jobs.